Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 2011

Summer has flown by and it's going to be day 1 of school next Tuesday. 

My job is going well.  I'm solo and enjoying it so far. 

My family recently went camping. In addition I have some pictures to show of my last few weeks. I'm too lazy to write up a proper commentary so I apologize. 

Also, my mom is here this week and I'm bugged when she's here.  I don't know what's wrong with me because she's awesome, but I'm bugged just the same.  I like my space and with her here I lose some of that space. She's here because we asked her so it's not like she's not wanted.  Why can't I be normal?

Okay, on to the pictures.

  That's me, and my brother, Alan, behind me.  I'm getting ready to get in the cold water BEFORE I've had my coffee, and water ski.  This is Rollins Lake in Grassvalley/Colfax CA area.  Great lake, very pretty.  We've camped here for years. 

                                                                         I'm waterskiing. 

Now I'm wakeboarding.  I didn't move much the next day. 

My 8 year old Shawna got up on the training ski for the first time ever! 

Getting some air!!!

This year my husband strung twinkle lights around the campsite for everyone. We all agreed they were a nice touch. 

This is me playing on the kids playset.  I used to be a total pro on the bars so I showed them my "moves". I still got it.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Holy Moley people.  I literally do NOT have time to breathe these days.  Work is busy and I only have tomorrow left with my trainer because tomorrow is her last day before maternity leave. I've learned a lot in 4 weeks but not enough!!! This gals desk is BUSY!  I know I'll be fine but holy shit batman. 

This past weekend was also our big family boating/camping trip. This year we had 46 people at the height of Saturday night.  Lots of fun had by many and my new nickname is Light Ass.  I could explain the origin of this name but if you weren't there to witness the experience it just won't mean as much. 

I missed Thursday and Monday because of my job and apparently those were the "best nights".  Figures. 

This post will be all over the place, just so you know, so hang on for the ride. 

My younger daughter is at my parents this week.  She's having a blast. Grandma even took her to Kmart to get new clothes. Kmart to my kids is a huge experience. We don't take the girls shopping.  I buy most of their stuff online.  Someday they'll learn just how lame Kmart is, and when I say lame I mean lame. Kmart was a job I had at age 16.  I worked there for 3 years.  I had to take back yellowed gross used pillows because "customer service comes first" and totally worn out shoes that the kid wore everyday for 6 months because "customer service comes first". Only you know what? Kmart is closing store by store.  I know because they were an account of mine at my last job. Sears bought Kmart but Kmart never fully recovered.  Each month I'd receive an email how another couple Kmart stores were closing down.  They will not be around much longer. 

Oh, while camping one of the moms kept saying "Jesus, Mary and Joseph". Hence my title. It felt fitting after the past few weeks I've had. 

This weekend is my 25 year high school reunion. It's a picnic of sorts and families are invited.  I don't know how big the turnout will be but it's fairly nearby for me so I'm going.  I sort of feel that with Facebook reunions aren't the same as they were before FB.  You know what the people are up to and see pictures of their families, etc. 

School starts in a couple weeks. Summer really flies by.  Remember when you were a kid and summer lasted FOREVER?!  At least it did for me.  I loved summers.