Monday, April 2, 2012

Bad Dreams

Paula came into my room today with tears in her eyes. She had a bad dream she said. I asked if she wanted to talk about it and she did.

I’m naked when she walks in since I had just taken a shower. I approach her for a hug but just do a quicky, then look for clothes.

I’m pulling on pants and a shirt while she tells me how she said she and Daddy were riding motorcycles when Daddy fell off. He hit his head pretty badly.

He immediately started talking like he had a speech problem.

Then as time went on he wasn’t the same person at all. In addition to his speech, he couldn’t do and fix things like he normally could. What really got her was

This. She prefaced it with “I know in real life this would never happen”, but Shawna and I didn’t like the new “Daddy” so we took off together. But Paula stayed with him. Lots of tears at this point.  I held her close and comforted her. My shoulder was wet from tears. 

She felt better after talking to me.  She came in later and asked if she could call Daddy at work when she went downstairs. I said of course she can, she can call him whenever she wants. 

She told me after she talked him that he too had a bad dream. He dreamt big clouds formed overhead causing a storm so bad it was taking RV's up into the sky. 

For him, we have a camping trip planned for this coming weekend.
For her, she loves her father like no other.

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