Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things the kids say

While driving in the car the other day Shawna says all serious to Todd: Daddy, I have an owie on top of my finger, but since it's the middle one I won't stick it up to show you.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good golly. Haven't heard that in awhile have you?

This weekend was like a perpetual party. I have a headache over my left eye that refuses to go away even on Codiene! My thoughts today are random. Not too unusual if you're a regular reader. Speaking of, how and why are people following me on Twitter?? I suck at Twitter. I don't think I totally understand how it all works. I'm so sorry to any of you who added me. You'll leave soon I'm sure.

Okay, on to my weekend.

One of the hosts to an adult party we attended Saturday night actually made me a drink with everclear. Everclear people!!! I didn't even know that shit still exists! Everclear, for the non-drinking folks, is a 151 proof, clear, no taste alcohol that is illegal. He called the drink a Cheryl Temple. It tasted really good actually. Thankfully I gave half of my drink away and survived.

We still have "rental dog". She's had diarrhea almost since day one so on Friday she had to go to the vet for an exam and stay overnight. She needs to be fixed before she can legally go home to a permanent family, but until she's healthy for a longer period of time we need to wait. The foster place pays for everything. Not one penny has left my purse.

My sister-in-law came over yesterday with Baby Allison and brought their vizsla who is a year old. Evie, rental dog, barked at her like crazy. My 2 year old dog, Rosie, who was previously scared shitless of the vizsla and drooled for hours during and after their first meeting, was very relaxed since Evie was all tough. Funny dogs. I also got tons of baby luvin' from my sweet niece. She's smiling and cooing now. SO DAMN CUTE!!! My brother had to work (police officer) so I bribed Jen with dinner so I could have Allie time. I'm nice like that.

I'm on the last book of the vampire Twilight Series . I was up until midnight reading and had to force myself to go to bed. It didn't help that I slept in until 11am almost all weekend due to late night partying. I'm so tired today. *yawn*.

I suck as a daughter. My moms birthday was on Saturday but I forgot. I called her yesterday. I didn't send a card either. Don't send me cards and please do not expect cards from me. I think cards are a great idea if you're organized and into all that, and I do appreciate receiving them, but I feel guilt over not sending them so stop sending me cards! I suck at thank you cards too. I'm better at thank you emails. I appreciate all you freaky organized people out there but I'm not one of you.

Look, this is me. I had to call my home number today from work to leave a message on my home voicemail to remind myself that tomorrow Paula needs to wear something "Anne Frank-ish" for her oral book report and that Shawna has her teddy bear picnic tomorrow so she needs to go to school w/a teddy bear. Does that guarantee I'll remember? Nope. If it's not plastered to my forehead I can still forget. It's fun to be me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just an update

What's new?

1. We received our first foster dog. Her name is Evie and she's very sweet. She's a 5 year old grey (what is the difference between grey and gray? I see it spelled both ways) cockapoo and schnauzer mix. She's small like our Rosie. Evie (not her real name...we don't know her real name) has chosen me as her favorite. She sleeps with me on the bed and follows me like a shadow. This Saturday I'll bring her to Petco for an adoption show case. I'm not in a hurry to lose her. She's great with my girls and even Todd likes her.

2. Soccer sort of ended on Saturday. No more games but Shawna's team has a team party on Thursday at their normal practice field to receive their trophies, have a pizza party and adults with kids soccer game. Paula received her trophy at her last game.

3. Swimming starts up on Thursday then moves to Tuesday's in a few weeks. It is hella expensive but I really like this particular swim school. Shawna needs the most work but I want Paula to know the proper way to do all 4 swim strokes. She's got freestyle & racer backstroke down. She was learning the breast stroke last summer when we stopped. She still needs to learn the butterfly.

4. Saturday Todd and I have an adult only party to attend, then on Sunday is neighbor party. My company is shut down on Friday so I get a 4 day weekend. woohoo!

5. My baby niece, Allison, is smiling now. My brother has sent me a couple pics in the past couple days from his iphone that I'll share. She's so delicious.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Germ germ go away....

Warning: I'm not a happy person today. I'm negative & annoyed. Why? WHY?!?! Because I have a sick child AGAIN. Every two weeks I've had a sick child. Not the same child, but a sick child. My girls are kind enough to rotate. Paula sick week 1, Shawna sick week 3, Paula sick week 5, Shawna sick week 7 and so on and so on and so on. All. Year. Long. With different illnesses no less but always with a fever. Paula appears to get the germ first, then shares it with her sister. This is the ONLY time they ever share. One year they did get the stomach flu at the same time. That was fun.


People, I work full-time. Read that again. Full-time!!! How many days off do you think I get a year? Even if I had endless days off, which I don't, I do not like to spend my days home with a sick child. And the worst? A child who is border-line sick. You know how that goes. They're too sick to go to school but not sick enough to be a zombie in front of the TV so instead they demand your time, energy & entertainment.

Totally annoying. ANNOYING.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I say Tomato, you say Tomato

One of my best friends, Jill, is part owner of a vegetable farm and nursery here in the Bay Area. She even raises chickens! They grow lots of things for local restaurants and farmers markets. I've tasted what they grow. O.M.G. Yum!

Their website, Baia Nicchia, has some great tips, especially if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've copied the below info on tomatoes off their site because, well, I learned something new so I thought maybe you could too.

32 things that might be true about tomatoes and tomato growing

1. Never, ever refrigerate tomatoes

2. Small-fruited tomatoes perform better in cool weather

3. Small-fruited tomatoes perform better in containers

4. Check the soil beneath tomatoes every morning

5. For container grown plants, water daily when soil is dry
at surface in the morning.

6. Grow plants in the ground when possible

7. For plants in the ground, water consistently as plants get established, and then water deeply, only when the soil is dry 3 inches below the surface, or when the plants begin to wilt

8. Once fruits begin to ripen, water less, if you can do so without killing your plants

9. Over watering at the soil surface promotes disease and algal growth (associated flies & pests)

10. Over watering leads to mealy, watery tomatoes. It is impossible not to “over water” tomato plants in containers

11. Pick large tomatoes before they are completely ripe, and let them ripen in a bowl with other tomatoes or fruits – they will ripen more evenly, and you can see when they get perfectly ripe

12. Never, ever refrigerate tomatoes

13. Tomatoes can ripened more slowly between 55 and 65 degrees (and spread out)

14. Tomatoes can be ripened rapidly between 75 and 85 degrees (with other tomatoes)

15. You can’t save money growing tomatoes in containers

16. You might be able to save money growing plants in the ground

17. Never, ever refrigerate tomatoes

18. Don’t wash tomatoes after you pick them. Wash them right before you use them

19. There are no “red” tomato pigments. Red tomatoes have pink, orange and other pigments

20. Throw out diseased plants immediately. UC Davis has a good website for recognizing tomato diseases

21. It is normal for older tomato plants to have drying, “burnt” leaves. The young shoots should look vigorous

22. You can decapitate your tomato plants. It is often advised when growing in containers

23. Trimming the leaves near the soil surface can reduce disease risk

24. The most common tomato diseases are fungal, and prolonged damp/wet periods promote them

25. Lousy soil will give you lousy tomatoes

26. Fox Farm “Ocean and Forest” potting soil is the best we have found

27. Over-fertilizing with nitrogen reduces harvest

28. Never, ever refrigerate tomatoes (obviously this is a sticking point with them)

29. Local field-grown tomatoes are in the market mainly from August to October.

30. If you want to know when locally grown tomatoes with the best flavor are available, shop at the farmers’ market

31. Tomatoes are tropical plants

32. Good sources for seeds – Seed Saver’s Exchange, Seeds of Change, Tomato Grower’s Supply

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pinecrest Weekend

This photo of these two guys below can make a day long email go back and forth in my world. This photo was taken by my husband on our camping trip. See below for some what transpired once we got home.

Commentary on the above photo:

Johna (wife to Steve, husband on left): ROFL...I was going to make a comment, but I just can't stop laughing at just the mere site of these two....I don't know why!

Sandra: I think Steve is yawning. :0)

Johna: Oh, I'm sure of it.

Johna: I don't know whether to call them Cheech and Chong, Beavis and Butthead or Lucy and Ricky.... LOL

Sandra: Which one is Lucy??

Allison: (Wife to JD, husband on Right) JD is Lucy!! JD is Lucy!!

JD: Honestly, Steve and I more than hold our own against some of the other famous duos in the world. We’re just continuing the legacy! (proceeds to send photos of famous dou's like Starskey and Hutch, Luke & Laura, Cagney & Lacey, etc.

Steve: That’s right, We could be a famous detective team..... Bad Butt & Big Mouth, kicking A$$ all over the sierras with Fez hats. We could kick the sh!t out of law breaking Pinecrest locals. We could drive around in a beat up Montero with a clutch that goes out.

*You had to be there to really enjoy the humor.


View of the lake while on our hike. The hike around Pinecrest is 4 miles. It's not difficult at all.

Snow on the mountains

Water from the dam

Shawna loves her ribs! (Ignore my husband in his fem pose)

Melted snow water coming down from the mountains into the lake.

I have no comment

Allison, my husband Todd and Steve

Happy Camping Kids!

I'm riding on a kids bike

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Camping in a trailer

Last year for Mothers Day I was on a plane coming home from Maui. This year I'll be camping. Camping is easy when you have a nice warm comfortable trailer with a bed, microwave and shower. Oh, and did I mention satellite TV? I did the tenting route. Camping in a tent is all fine and dandy until you get a taste of the 'good life'.

Both of my daughters have camped since infancy. Paula was 5.5 mos old sleeping in a tent with me, and Shawna camped when she was 6 months old. We have a Taj Mahal tent we purchased from Costco that we have used many many times and continue to loan out to friends. But here is what happened. My in-laws have a 1985 RV that in the early '00's Todd and I decided was old enough to ask to borrow. Our kids were small the first time we borrowed it. Shawna was only 3 months old I think so that would make Paula 2 yrs old. Having a microwave, bathroom, protection from the heat, and sound proof compared to a tent was awesome!

Over the next 2 years we borrowed it a lot. We even took it to Disneyland. The downfall was that the work involved with using it was tiring. Todd would have to drive over the bay (they live on one side and we live on the other side), leave his truck there, bring home the RV. Once home we had to clean it. I like his parents and all but they're not the cleanest people. So, we had to take all their stuff out (clothes, weird freaky stuff they collected) and put our stuff in. They're RV is 28 feet long and designed really for 2 people. Not a family with kids. We also had to worry about their couches, cover everything and keep the rugs covered with throw rugs. After we came home we had to clean the RV again inside and out. Take all our stuff out, put all their stuff back in, drive it back to their house over the bay and come home with the truck so he had a car for work. Tiring!!!

They loved when we borrowed the RV. Why?? Because it always came home cleaner than when they gave it to us, plus we returned it with a full tank of gas. Not only that but Todd was also required to do maintenance on it for his father. Todd didn't mind helping out his dad but it was just one more thing to do. They were so disappointed when we got the trailer.

A couple summers ago we talked it over, researched every RV, trailer, camper around and decided to purchase a used travel trailer. We got a great deal on it because it was the last day of the RV show. We purchased a 2004 Keystone Sprinter trailer. I love it. The trailer is large (30 feet long), modern and has all the important conveniences like a slide which gives us 3 feet more room inside. Basically the dining area and couch slide out. My girls sleep in bunk beds. We have a sofa sleeper and the dining set folds into a bed too, but I don't have to do any of that because we have bunk beds and a queen size bed.
For anyone thinking about getting a trailer, I highly recommend this one. I've noticed that Keystone tends to do a country flowery look. If you like contemporary design this is not for you.
2004 Keystone Sprinter

The fridge/freezer and bunk beds. That door leads to the bathroom. The bunk beds can hold 300 lbs each. And under the bottom one is tons of storage with access from the outside.

Kitchen, couch to the left, the TV sits in that open spot, and the bedroom is to the back.

View from the front door. Dining area & bathroom. You can see more storage above & below the dining set.

This is us at Mt. Madonna in the Gilroy, CA area. That's me in the pink shirt.

Can't you see yourself camping like this?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Use a tissue already!!!!!

What is the proper way to tell your manager that if she'd just blow her nose with the a tissue from the huge box of Kleenex sitting on the left side of her desk, she wouldn't need to make those disgustingly gross snorting noises every 10 seconds!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Communion

Paula, age 8, made her First Communion on Saturday. She was so excited I got teary eyed a couple times. Her joy brought tears of joy to me.

Our priest is a really fun Irish priest. He's from Ireland and has that awesome accent you could listen to forever. He's great with the kids. He insists on funny pictures.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Seeking Hot Young Man

I envision this to be me one day while I send this message: “Seeking Hot Young Man.”