Friday, August 14, 2009

homemade tampons

I have a friend who is very Martha Stuart-y. She pickles and jars food. She sews stuff. To me that is very MS-y since I don't do any of that. Her latest craze is sewing handmade reusable menstrual pads. They're really nice actually. She's got all sorts of fabric with different patterns. She has a wildlife theme, french country and even a chamo one.
Aren't these cute?? Okay, maybe not cute, but you get what I'm saying. (just nod and agree with me)

What kinda gives me the heeeby jeebies is something else she found on that she may embark on. Reusable washable tampons.
Swear to Gawd.

Look here Cotton and bamboo tampons and even here washable tampons if you don't believe me.

Now, I did cloth diapers for my kids (part-time) and had to wash out poop and pee myself (okay, the washing machine did it but I had to put it in there) I'm also concerned about the environment too, so I can appreciate someones desire to make something environmentally friendly, however, inserting fabric into my hoohaa and leaving it there for a few hours doesn't sit well with me.

Am I weird?? Is it just me??
Would you or do you use one of these??


Stephanie Faris said...

NO! Ick. Seriously? No way would I use a reusable pad or tampon...either one. Some things are disposable for a reason!

(Found you through SITS)

Heather said...

Oh dear! That's more than a little strange!! There's no way I'd stick a wad of fabric in me and then even want to wash it! I couldn't imagine how that could possibly be comfortable! To each their own I guess! :) Stopping by from SITS! Have a great weekend!

Kate said...

Okay, the pads I can be okay with. Except the washing them part. There is something I would need to work through, about having to revisit my "blood, sweat, and tears" a second time after already having an encounter over the toilet. Even so, I'm only a pad person directly postpartum, so I guess I would need to get on this train mighty fast in order to really try it out.

Reusable tampons...don't. think. so. Cute, but not cute in the sort of way that would mesh with my feminine area. ;)

The Six of Us said...

Boy, am I glad I had a hysterectomy! LOL

Perhaps these would have been cute in the days before disposable pads....but

Anonymous said...

Actually, considering all the chemicals that are in tampons and pads from the store, nevermind the landfills and the time pads sit in them, I would use these pads. I do not see a problem with washing them, or reusing them. Many of the better quality reusable pads are made of high quality fabrics so they work the same way the store bought ones do. They are designed to "wick away" any fluid from the skin. Usually, there is also a waterproof layer which keeps any fluidfrom soaking completely through.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea I actually use cloth pads and they are much more comfortable every girl should try it

Anonymous said...

I just made a bunch of these for myself and so far I am loving them. My body is not liking commercial tampons, plus I am not thrilled with all the chemicals in them, and commercial pads are awful, so I'm finding other options. I made my own pattern that I'm pretty happy with. I also made some double layer flannel ovals that I fold and tuck in my labia to catch some of the blood before it drips out, as I don't like that feeling. (I call them padpons)
I rinse in cold water, give a quick hand washing, and put them in a baby wipes container with some vinegar (change water daily), until I do a load of laundry. They wash up really well. I don't find it too's only blood and a natural bodily function.