Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How about some pictures

I've posted these pictures on FB but only a few of you who read here actually know me know me on FB so I'm going to post these here too. 

My girls wear uniforms to school, so when summer comes around they LOVE being able to show their style off. Shawna's style is unique.  She's more fashionable than I ever was at her age.  She's funny in that in cold months she opts for sundresses, and in warm months she'll wear tall boots and a jacket. Although, to her credit, yesterday it did rain hard all day so her tall boots and jacket came in handy. 

I took this with my iphone before we left for summer camp yesterday.

This past weekend when Todd took the girls to the local water park I finally got around to buying and planting some annuals in front of my house.  This area is tiny, but it's right along the driveway.  I normally plant impatiens, but this time I opted for snapdragons.  On the end near the hose I planted some sage.  I don't use sage much for cooking but I do like planting herbs, watching them grow and then pulling off leaves and smelling them. I can't be the only one who does this right? 

Once I had them planted I needed to water them.  There was one sprinkler not working so I fiddled with it.  Bad idea. The sucker opened up completely and soaked me from head to tow, as well as soaking the driveway.  It was really a Candid Camera moment. 

Something else I did this past weekend was shave our dog.  Poor Rosie is a Llasa Poo whose hair, if left alone, would grow down to the ground.  Since no one in our house is interested in brushing her she tends to matt up.  Is it mat or matt?  Anyway, I borrowed some clippers from a neighbor friend but she only had a size 10 blade.  I've NEVER used clippers before. Ever. I knew this wasn't going to be pretty, but I did go online and watched a few videos on how to groom a dog with clippers. At first I thought I'd just do the important parts, like the butt hole, since this entire event started over the fact that Rosie had poop stuck to the hair on her butt.  Gross!  But, as I got going I decided to go all the way. 

I choose to clip her in the backyard on the patio table.  This allowed the hair to float all over my backyard which resembled what it would look like if an enourmous bag of cottons balls exploded.  

Here we have a before picture. 
This was also before Todd power washed the winter's worth of grime that accumulates on our back patio. 

And here we have after.

She's not as upset about her new look as she appears to be.  However, if you were to see her up close you would notice her cut is horribly uneven and blotchy.  heh.  She didn't like me messing with her feet and wouldn't you know there are 4 of those stupid things. But, by taking the initiative I saved me $50 in grooming fees and she's cooler for summer. Win win. 

Here is my oldest, Paula, enjoying a hot summers night in the backyard. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I didn't get the wine and spirits job.  I found out last Thursday via a generic email.  I also don't think I got the temporary semi-conductor job either since I haven't heard back. I did check out the other guys resume' on linkedin and it did list some things mine didn't so I copied them onto mine for future jobs.

Sooo, I'm back to square one. 

I'm also anxious to start my new life as unemployed but with a severance so I can lay around and do nothing for a few days.  I did take a mental health day on Friday because I was pretty bummed about my current status in life.  Not getting chosen doesn't do much for the ego if you know what I'm talking about. 

Lastly, there is a really funny and popular blogger called the thebloggess.  She recently wrote a post that makes me laugh every time I read it, and I've read it several times today.  If you want a good belly laugh check her out.    I linked directly to the post.  Funnay!  I mostly laugh when I see the chicken at the front door.  hahahahahahaaha

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Job Search update

Last week on Friday was a crazy day and it continues to be crazy.  I'm putting all this down mostly for myself, so I apologize if it jumps around or gets confusing. 

First, my brother calls me in the AM last Friday to say Mom called him and Dad had a mini stroke.  My dad's memory was affected but nothing else.  He couldn't remember things from far back as 2 weeks ago.  My mom was going to take him to the hospital for a scan.  My girls were up there with my parents, which is 3 hours from me, so I was worried about my mom even dealing with my children. Plus, Paula is a worrier and I knew she wouldn't like the hospital visit, but later in the day I learned it wasn't a mini stroke.  Doctor felt it was a reaction to something, maybe the Benadryl he'd been taking.  We all thought that was weird.  He had a follow up appt yesterday but I haven't called to see what his personal doctor had to say about it all.  I saw my dad over the weekend when I went to pick up the girls and he seemed fine, but still has pockets of no memory.  Some of it's coming back, but not all of it. 

Also on Friday I received an email from semi-conductor company I did a phone interview with 2 Thursdays ago, asking me my salary expectations.  I took this as a good sign but panicked on what to say.  I ran down to HR but everyone was outside for a company event.  I did track one gal down and she gave me some advice. I waited to email the company back.  I don't want to say too much $ or too little $. 

An hour after the email, I received a phone call from HR at the wine and spirits company I'd interviewed with the week prior, asking for a 2nd interview for Tuesday (yesterday).  Again, good news!  I bumped into another HR person and filled her in on my day so far. I've kept her posted on my job sitiation from the beginning.  We went back to her office where she gave me some good advice.

On Friday I called the CFO, who I know, at the semi-conductor company.  My HR person said since I have a relationship with him, ask if he can hire me as a regular employee.  He holds the purse strings and would be the one to ask.  After playing phone tag we had a nice conversation. He told me I'm 1 of 3 in the running.  I told him about the 2nd interview for the wine and spirits company and asked if he'd consider hiring me permanently instead of keeping it a temp job for now.  He understood but said at this time he can't promise a perm position.  They are running very tight at the seams though.  He asked me to let him know how the interview goes with the spirits company. 

Yesterday's 2nd interview at wine and spirit went well.  I met with a controller and the A/R supervisor who I met last week was also in the room.  I think I showed them I'm more than qualified, but I am wondering if I'm over qualified.  The perk to this company is definitely that it's only 6.5 miles from my house and it's a permanent position.  They aren't making their decision till the end of this week or next week.  He still needs to do more 2nd interviews. 

Yesterday I emailed my friend W, who I worked with here but in 2008 she was laid off. She managed the claims group.  I didn't work for her, but we sat next to each other in our cubicles and worked together for almost 10 years.  She's buying my Maui time share vacation week for next year so we've been emailing back and forth on details.  She knows about my job sitation.  I told her all about my job prospects and gave her the names of the companies. She called me today.   She just talked to that same semi-conductor company yesterday, as a reference for an ex-worker here named P.  But she wasn't listed as P's reference. Rather, the office manager, who we both know, called her to ask if she would mind talking to some people about him. 

P and I are applying for the same job. They told her yesterday he's the most qualified person so far. Which blows she and I away since if you knew P, you would not think he's more qualified than I am.  She asked if she could call the office manager and the other person she spoke to and recommend me over P.  I told her yes, I'd appreciate it if she did that for me.  W also reminded me that a guy we both worked with here,. T, his wife works at the semi-conductor company.  I saw T walking down the hall and told him what I learned today. He said he can't believe they're even considering P.  You have to understand that P is not like everyone else. He's a very serious odd person.  T said he'd email the CFO and recommend me.  T worked with the CFO as well. 

So, that's where my job status stands.  I'm still up in the air on whether, if I'm offered both jobs, I should go with one or the other.  I hope only one offers then I don't have to make a choice.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make it stop

Over the past 12 months there have been many deaths in my life.  I realize people die every second of the day but those are not people I know.  This past year has been deaths of people I know, or know of. 

I remember a boss I had when I was in my early 20's.  He himself was 76 years old and refused to retire.  He told me that at his age many of his friends were dying.  He went to funerals more than birthday celebrations. 

This past year I've had 2 coworkers, and one ex-coworker die, my grandmother passed away, my friends mom recently died, and now a friends 20 year old daughter died in a motorcycle accident where she and her boyfriend were hit head on by a driver in a car who'd been drinking and crossed over the yellow line.  

With this recent death I'm struck and floored by the fact this person was their daughter.  Because I have daughters.   I can't imagine and don't want to imagine losing my child. Not at any age.  Not now when she's 8 or 10 years old, not when she's 20 and not when she's 40. 

Make it stop.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yesterday my mom took both girls up to her house for a few days. My mom plays in USTA tennis and had a tournament today which she didn't want to miss while babysitting my girls this week.  My mom is in great condition for close to 70 years old. I was checking her legs out the other day and they do not jiggle like mine do.  Her ankles give her problems these days but her knees are fine.  I couldn't do tennis w/my knees. It sucks to have bad knees.

So, Todd and I are kidless for a few days. The house is more quiet and Rosie, our dog, is looking at us like we should be doing something to locate the children. 
Tomorrow night we're going on a date. San Jose Improv has the comedian Ralphie May there right now.  We always enjoy the dinner, drinks and entertainment there when we go. 

Saturday Todd works and I'll head up to my parents house to get the girls.  I'm hoping to stop at my friend Jen's with my girls to see her house. She bought a total dump of a house on some large land last year and with lots of elbow grease has made some major improvements. She has baby chickens too and I'm dying to see those.  Todd will get most of Sunday to himself for Father's Day.  The girls and I will do something for him, what yet...I don't know.  We used to go to theme parks when the girls were little. That was easy. 

I had my interview today for the wine and spirit disty today.  I liked the supervisor I interviewed with and I think she liked me.  I may have been too chatty because I was so comfortable with her.  We'll see what happens.  It's sooo close to my house.  I drove there in under 10 minutes.  I could ride my bike!  She had a gal waiting when I left.  Our interview ran long.  There is no telecommuting, no iphone, hourly salary and apparently parking sucks.  But, the closeness to my house would be a huge bonus. I haven't heard anything back from the semi-conductor interview yet.  If they don't pick me I'll be disappointed only because I think I'm awesome and everyone should want to hire me!  but won't miss doing that commute. That commute is daunting. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on job interviews

I don't have much to update but here you go. 

I interviewed via phone last Thursday for the semi-conductor billings/A/R job where I was recommended by the CFO. They said they'll know by the end of this week.  It went okay I guess.  I'd prefer a person to person interview instead of a phone interview.  There were 4 people on the phone but only 1 guy talked.  The gal going on maternity leave doesn't leave until August so they still have time, but they want a long training time. 

I have my interview for the wine and spirits disty this Thursday morning. 

Today I just found out that a coworker, who has been here as long as me, was just moved from our A/R group to our A/P group which is in another building. Her A/R position was going to be moved to China (lame and makes no sense if you knew what she did) but I'm happy for her they found her another job. Her husband had a stroke last year and she really needs the medical insurance. She's not thrilled with her new position. It's all very new and she has no idea what she's doing.  I have concerns about her surviving over there. I hope it works out. 

I applied for a job today in Oakland. If you know where I live you know that Oakland isn't ideal.  Oakland is not part of Silicon Valley and has a high crime rate.  I could get there via BART but we're still talking at least an hour or more.  But, if I don't apply for these jobs I don't feel like I'm contributing my all on this job hunt.  One of our previous employees works there too but I do not know if saying I know him is a good thing. He's a bit weird and unusual. 

HR asked me to come see him today. I'd inquired (emailed him) a week or more ago if he knew if my director was aware about this new software implantation that is replacing me when they brought me over here from my previous department. He researched and said no, they did not have plans when I was brought over.  I believe him.  Not sure I believe who told him that information but whatever. He told me I should ask my manager about my exit plans.  I told him I'm not asking on purpose. Denial denial denial. He understood, but still said I should ask. 

He told me to look at SimplyHired online as well as Indeed and Monster.  I also contacted our in-house temp agency today and sent them my resume. My HR person told me he's seen where people take a temp job then a permanent one comes available later.

I had lunch with a gal who used to work here.  She's such a fun person and working in the same city I live in.  I told her to find me a job!  She's on the job hunt too.  She commutes an insane distance but her job ends the end of the month. 

Life is so weird right now. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When it rains it pours

Who came up with that catchy phrase? So true. 

Yesterday I was feeling sad with no prospects of a future job.  Today I've been contacted by two companies for interviews.  Yay me! 

Company 1:  I worked with their CFO at my current company in 1999. He actually interviewed me.  He left in 2004. I contacted him last week via linkedin to tell him of my current job status.  I received an email via linkedin from his HR person saying the CFO asked him to contact me about a temp job for a few months (maternity leave fill in). Once the gal returns from maternity leave the job will transition to a generalist position helping A/R and A/P.  They are not a new company but they're young still and in a similar place financially like my current company was 12 years ago.  I'm doing a phone interview tomorrow. The other kicker is the office manager (who is optional on the phone interview) used to be this guy's exec admin at my current company who I know very well too.  She left here to go work for him a few years ago.  The downside is the commute.  Much longer than I have now.  The industry is semi-conductor which is what I've been working in for the past 12 years. 

Company 2:  A couple weeks ago I applied for this postion online.  I have a friend who years ago used to work for them in sales but after 7 year gone she doesn't have any current contacts.  Still, I applied and they called me back today for an interview next week.  This company is very close to my house. It's in a completely different industry - Wine and spirits distribution. But, it's working on a system I currently use and in my field expertise.

Both jobs are very similar. Not sure of the pay for either. 
I still need to interview.  Nothing is final until it's final. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't ask, won't happen

I talked to my mom today.  I wanted her opinion on something regarding the girls that I couldn't talk to Todd about because when I called him he was on the manufacturing floor, which is LOUD, so I'd have to scream from my cubicle which I didn't want to do.  So I just told him to call me back whenever, no hurry.  To which he replied it will be awhile since he has blah blah blah to do. 

So I called my mom. 

In talking to her I admitted that I still don't have an end date for my current job and it's not because I couldn't have an end date, but because I'm procrastinating on knowing an end date because then, the end is real.  Like there will then be a real end once I ask and have the date.  Right now I'm in denial in a 'don't ask, won't happen' sort of way. Make sense? 

Just wanted to clarify for anyone who cares.  Which is really nobody. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Funky Funk

The past several weeks have moved quickly by.  I attempted a few times to post updates but couldn't pull a post together so I moved along.  My emotions are up and down.  Today I'm in a funk.  . 

I believe I mentioned I have to find a new job.  I'm being replaced by technology and have a job till the end of Q2 which is June.  I learned of this in March.  At the time June felt a long time off.  Guess what?  It's June. 

Finding a new job is the FOCUS of my life.  It's really hard to think of much else.  We are a two income family, living in one of the most expensive places in the country, and half that income is leaving.  Can you say panic? 

M-F while at work (since I still have a job but they're making me look elsewhere so why shouldn't I look for a new on their time. heh) I go to and and Craigslist (less than the others) to see if there is anything out there for me.  I went on an interview a couple weeks ago for a temporary position but apparently didn't get the job since they never called me back.  I've also applied for a few others.  Last week I did get a call back for a job in San Francisco that I applied for in April.  I applied probably thinking they'd never call me or something.  San Francisco is hella far from my house for a daily job. I guess the person they chose didn't work out and the recruiter wanted to talk to me.  But at this point in the game  (that would be the losing my job finding a job game) I'm not inclined to jump at a job during a summer I could have off with my children, that would take me an hour by BART to get to.  At some point beggars can't be choosers and I might be driving to Nevada for a job, but right now, knowing I have several months of severance covered I can't justify taking on a commute like that. 

I told the girls yesterday about my situation on the way to school.  They were talking about summer camps and basketball camps etc.  I told them I might be home with them this summer.  At first Paula was very excited. But then I explained I'm losing my job, it's not workers comp (like she thought).  Last night she told me after we talked how she felt scared.  She asked will we be poor and lose our house?  I waited a long time to tell them my upcoming situation because she of all people is the biggest worrier.  I reassured her we'll be fine.  Still, in my stomach I feel a pit of uncertainty.  My brain rationalizes I'll find something even if it doesn't pay as much as I make now. 

I was hopeful a couple weeks ago about a position in the company. I interviewed with the director and felt good upon leaving his office.  He later realized he couldn't add responsibilities on to the job, which would be necessary to increase the pay from an entry level to more experienced level.  So in the end I didn't get it. 

Some days are better than others.  Today is bad day. 

On the positive side, I did get to help pack food boxes today for a food bank.  Also, yesterday I won $100 in a weekly school raffle. 

I'm getting my hair re-colored tonight.  Maybe I'll feel better afterwards.