Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make it stop

Over the past 12 months there have been many deaths in my life.  I realize people die every second of the day but those are not people I know.  This past year has been deaths of people I know, or know of. 

I remember a boss I had when I was in my early 20's.  He himself was 76 years old and refused to retire.  He told me that at his age many of his friends were dying.  He went to funerals more than birthday celebrations. 

This past year I've had 2 coworkers, and one ex-coworker die, my grandmother passed away, my friends mom recently died, and now a friends 20 year old daughter died in a motorcycle accident where she and her boyfriend were hit head on by a driver in a car who'd been drinking and crossed over the yellow line.  

With this recent death I'm struck and floored by the fact this person was their daughter.  Because I have daughters.   I can't imagine and don't want to imagine losing my child. Not at any age.  Not now when she's 8 or 10 years old, not when she's 20 and not when she's 40. 

Make it stop.

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anymommy said...

It's hard when the fragility of life smacks you in the face. Even harder with children. Hope the sad news is over for a while.