Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Job Search update

Last week on Friday was a crazy day and it continues to be crazy.  I'm putting all this down mostly for myself, so I apologize if it jumps around or gets confusing. 

First, my brother calls me in the AM last Friday to say Mom called him and Dad had a mini stroke.  My dad's memory was affected but nothing else.  He couldn't remember things from far back as 2 weeks ago.  My mom was going to take him to the hospital for a scan.  My girls were up there with my parents, which is 3 hours from me, so I was worried about my mom even dealing with my children. Plus, Paula is a worrier and I knew she wouldn't like the hospital visit, but later in the day I learned it wasn't a mini stroke.  Doctor felt it was a reaction to something, maybe the Benadryl he'd been taking.  We all thought that was weird.  He had a follow up appt yesterday but I haven't called to see what his personal doctor had to say about it all.  I saw my dad over the weekend when I went to pick up the girls and he seemed fine, but still has pockets of no memory.  Some of it's coming back, but not all of it. 

Also on Friday I received an email from semi-conductor company I did a phone interview with 2 Thursdays ago, asking me my salary expectations.  I took this as a good sign but panicked on what to say.  I ran down to HR but everyone was outside for a company event.  I did track one gal down and she gave me some advice. I waited to email the company back.  I don't want to say too much $ or too little $. 

An hour after the email, I received a phone call from HR at the wine and spirits company I'd interviewed with the week prior, asking for a 2nd interview for Tuesday (yesterday).  Again, good news!  I bumped into another HR person and filled her in on my day so far. I've kept her posted on my job sitiation from the beginning.  We went back to her office where she gave me some good advice.

On Friday I called the CFO, who I know, at the semi-conductor company.  My HR person said since I have a relationship with him, ask if he can hire me as a regular employee.  He holds the purse strings and would be the one to ask.  After playing phone tag we had a nice conversation. He told me I'm 1 of 3 in the running.  I told him about the 2nd interview for the wine and spirits company and asked if he'd consider hiring me permanently instead of keeping it a temp job for now.  He understood but said at this time he can't promise a perm position.  They are running very tight at the seams though.  He asked me to let him know how the interview goes with the spirits company. 

Yesterday's 2nd interview at wine and spirit went well.  I met with a controller and the A/R supervisor who I met last week was also in the room.  I think I showed them I'm more than qualified, but I am wondering if I'm over qualified.  The perk to this company is definitely that it's only 6.5 miles from my house and it's a permanent position.  They aren't making their decision till the end of this week or next week.  He still needs to do more 2nd interviews. 

Yesterday I emailed my friend W, who I worked with here but in 2008 she was laid off. She managed the claims group.  I didn't work for her, but we sat next to each other in our cubicles and worked together for almost 10 years.  She's buying my Maui time share vacation week for next year so we've been emailing back and forth on details.  She knows about my job sitation.  I told her all about my job prospects and gave her the names of the companies. She called me today.   She just talked to that same semi-conductor company yesterday, as a reference for an ex-worker here named P.  But she wasn't listed as P's reference. Rather, the office manager, who we both know, called her to ask if she would mind talking to some people about him. 

P and I are applying for the same job. They told her yesterday he's the most qualified person so far. Which blows she and I away since if you knew P, you would not think he's more qualified than I am.  She asked if she could call the office manager and the other person she spoke to and recommend me over P.  I told her yes, I'd appreciate it if she did that for me.  W also reminded me that a guy we both worked with here,. T, his wife works at the semi-conductor company.  I saw T walking down the hall and told him what I learned today. He said he can't believe they're even considering P.  You have to understand that P is not like everyone else. He's a very serious odd person.  T said he'd email the CFO and recommend me.  T worked with the CFO as well. 

So, that's where my job status stands.  I'm still up in the air on whether, if I'm offered both jobs, I should go with one or the other.  I hope only one offers then I don't have to make a choice.

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