Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't ask, won't happen

I talked to my mom today.  I wanted her opinion on something regarding the girls that I couldn't talk to Todd about because when I called him he was on the manufacturing floor, which is LOUD, so I'd have to scream from my cubicle which I didn't want to do.  So I just told him to call me back whenever, no hurry.  To which he replied it will be awhile since he has blah blah blah to do. 

So I called my mom. 

In talking to her I admitted that I still don't have an end date for my current job and it's not because I couldn't have an end date, but because I'm procrastinating on knowing an end date because then, the end is real.  Like there will then be a real end once I ask and have the date.  Right now I'm in denial in a 'don't ask, won't happen' sort of way. Make sense? 

Just wanted to clarify for anyone who cares.  Which is really nobody. 

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