Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When it rains it pours

Who came up with that catchy phrase? So true. 

Yesterday I was feeling sad with no prospects of a future job.  Today I've been contacted by two companies for interviews.  Yay me! 

Company 1:  I worked with their CFO at my current company in 1999. He actually interviewed me.  He left in 2004. I contacted him last week via linkedin to tell him of my current job status.  I received an email via linkedin from his HR person saying the CFO asked him to contact me about a temp job for a few months (maternity leave fill in). Once the gal returns from maternity leave the job will transition to a generalist position helping A/R and A/P.  They are not a new company but they're young still and in a similar place financially like my current company was 12 years ago.  I'm doing a phone interview tomorrow. The other kicker is the office manager (who is optional on the phone interview) used to be this guy's exec admin at my current company who I know very well too.  She left here to go work for him a few years ago.  The downside is the commute.  Much longer than I have now.  The industry is semi-conductor which is what I've been working in for the past 12 years. 

Company 2:  A couple weeks ago I applied for this postion online.  I have a friend who years ago used to work for them in sales but after 7 year gone she doesn't have any current contacts.  Still, I applied and they called me back today for an interview next week.  This company is very close to my house. It's in a completely different industry - Wine and spirits distribution. But, it's working on a system I currently use and in my field expertise.

Both jobs are very similar. Not sure of the pay for either. 
I still need to interview.  Nothing is final until it's final. 


Laura said...

I interviewed someone who worked in wine and spirits recently. IT sounds like a good industry, no real regulations, not really affected by the economy. I would definitely be interested in seeing what that was about!

Kate said...