Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How about some pictures

I've posted these pictures on FB but only a few of you who read here actually know me know me on FB so I'm going to post these here too. 

My girls wear uniforms to school, so when summer comes around they LOVE being able to show their style off. Shawna's style is unique.  She's more fashionable than I ever was at her age.  She's funny in that in cold months she opts for sundresses, and in warm months she'll wear tall boots and a jacket. Although, to her credit, yesterday it did rain hard all day so her tall boots and jacket came in handy. 

I took this with my iphone before we left for summer camp yesterday.

This past weekend when Todd took the girls to the local water park I finally got around to buying and planting some annuals in front of my house.  This area is tiny, but it's right along the driveway.  I normally plant impatiens, but this time I opted for snapdragons.  On the end near the hose I planted some sage.  I don't use sage much for cooking but I do like planting herbs, watching them grow and then pulling off leaves and smelling them. I can't be the only one who does this right? 

Once I had them planted I needed to water them.  There was one sprinkler not working so I fiddled with it.  Bad idea. The sucker opened up completely and soaked me from head to tow, as well as soaking the driveway.  It was really a Candid Camera moment. 

Something else I did this past weekend was shave our dog.  Poor Rosie is a Llasa Poo whose hair, if left alone, would grow down to the ground.  Since no one in our house is interested in brushing her she tends to matt up.  Is it mat or matt?  Anyway, I borrowed some clippers from a neighbor friend but she only had a size 10 blade.  I've NEVER used clippers before. Ever. I knew this wasn't going to be pretty, but I did go online and watched a few videos on how to groom a dog with clippers. At first I thought I'd just do the important parts, like the butt hole, since this entire event started over the fact that Rosie had poop stuck to the hair on her butt.  Gross!  But, as I got going I decided to go all the way. 

I choose to clip her in the backyard on the patio table.  This allowed the hair to float all over my backyard which resembled what it would look like if an enourmous bag of cottons balls exploded.  

Here we have a before picture. 
This was also before Todd power washed the winter's worth of grime that accumulates on our back patio. 

And here we have after.

She's not as upset about her new look as she appears to be.  However, if you were to see her up close you would notice her cut is horribly uneven and blotchy.  heh.  She didn't like me messing with her feet and wouldn't you know there are 4 of those stupid things. But, by taking the initiative I saved me $50 in grooming fees and she's cooler for summer. Win win. 

Here is my oldest, Paula, enjoying a hot summers night in the backyard. 

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