Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on job interviews

I don't have much to update but here you go. 

I interviewed via phone last Thursday for the semi-conductor billings/A/R job where I was recommended by the CFO. They said they'll know by the end of this week.  It went okay I guess.  I'd prefer a person to person interview instead of a phone interview.  There were 4 people on the phone but only 1 guy talked.  The gal going on maternity leave doesn't leave until August so they still have time, but they want a long training time. 

I have my interview for the wine and spirits disty this Thursday morning. 

Today I just found out that a coworker, who has been here as long as me, was just moved from our A/R group to our A/P group which is in another building. Her A/R position was going to be moved to China (lame and makes no sense if you knew what she did) but I'm happy for her they found her another job. Her husband had a stroke last year and she really needs the medical insurance. She's not thrilled with her new position. It's all very new and she has no idea what she's doing.  I have concerns about her surviving over there. I hope it works out. 

I applied for a job today in Oakland. If you know where I live you know that Oakland isn't ideal.  Oakland is not part of Silicon Valley and has a high crime rate.  I could get there via BART but we're still talking at least an hour or more.  But, if I don't apply for these jobs I don't feel like I'm contributing my all on this job hunt.  One of our previous employees works there too but I do not know if saying I know him is a good thing. He's a bit weird and unusual. 

HR asked me to come see him today. I'd inquired (emailed him) a week or more ago if he knew if my director was aware about this new software implantation that is replacing me when they brought me over here from my previous department. He researched and said no, they did not have plans when I was brought over.  I believe him.  Not sure I believe who told him that information but whatever. He told me I should ask my manager about my exit plans.  I told him I'm not asking on purpose. Denial denial denial. He understood, but still said I should ask. 

He told me to look at SimplyHired online as well as Indeed and Monster.  I also contacted our in-house temp agency today and sent them my resume. My HR person told me he's seen where people take a temp job then a permanent one comes available later.

I had lunch with a gal who used to work here.  She's such a fun person and working in the same city I live in.  I told her to find me a job!  She's on the job hunt too.  She commutes an insane distance but her job ends the end of the month. 

Life is so weird right now. 

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