Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's been more than a year!

Wow, guess I need to update this blog!  Unfortunately I can't put much right now since I have to catch my shuttle to the ACE train in a short bit.  I'm a train commuter since October and loving it! 

Life is different here on the farm (so to speak). I have a 13 year old now, who's really good at being 13.  I apparently annoy her at every turn, even when I'm not trying, and I do try, sometimes.
Thankfully my 11 year old still loves me and wants me around.  We tell her if she plays her cards right she can remain the favorite child for a long time. 

Todd's work has changed to where he's traveling now.  This is fine except he's a very hands-on dad who picks up the kids and stuff.  He's leaving for China on Friday the 13th (he's not thrilled about the date of his departure).  He's also traveling to Tijuana/San Diego now.  This is all good news for his job, which is expanding. 

Rosie the dog is still doing well when she isn't drooling, scratching or biting herself. 

We still have the snake. 

We have added a beta fish for Shawna. Shawna is a very good fish mommy. 

We're currently redoing the upstairs hallway bathroom a little at a time.  The entire house needs to be updated from the 90's.  We're tackling little things here and there. 

I'm painting furniture with milk paint.  It's my new favorite thing. 

Okay, gotta run!