Friday, July 31, 2009

Welding mask or sun visor?

Here in my neck of the woods it would appear a memo has gone out to a certain ethnic group, which will remain nameless, that wearing regular size sunglasses are so yesterday. Here in Northern California many folks have kicked it up a notch. Today, a sun visor that resembles a welding helmet is the preferred method of keeping sun off your face. These over sized sun visors are all the rage here in Silicon Valley. In case you haven't seen one I've included a couple here for you.

You can sport your favorite country.


Don't you want one? Admit it. You know you do.


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

This has to be a joke!

Isn't it?!

Tania (via SITS)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Sexy no, scary yes.

Sandra said...

Tania, this is for real. These visors are not a joke. People really wear them here. A lot!