Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today is another hot day in Silicon Valley. We'll reach 95+ again in my neighborhood. I don't mind the heat, especially since I spend most of my time in the office with the A/C on. Normally we're spoiled and at night the temps cool off to where you can open all the windows and get a nice breeze through the house. Last night...not so much. Last night it was still 80 degrees when I went to bed.

In addition, I'm taking care of my friends/neighbors house this week while they're camping. They have a crap load of potted plants that the sprinkler system doesn't hit. After work I go over there to spend some time with their 2 cats and water their yard. I'm alternating days between the backyard and front yard. Normally when I watch their house I don't have to water anything but with this heat their plants will not survive more than a couple days.

What else do we deal with here in California? Black Widow spiders. On Sunday I got a hair up my butt to clean the side yard where Todd dumps a bunch of things. Our neighbors planted a row of bamboo next to their fence to block our view from gazing down at them from our upstairs windows. They work great. They give us shade on that side of the house too which is nice. Well, the bamboo leaves fall into that side yard making it a huge mess. While organizing before we could clean I picked up an upside down planter pot and inside was a black widow spider. I stepped on it. Not only that but there were 3 more black widows plus at least 2 egg sacs underneath the dog igloo we have outside. The igloo has a cris-cross pattern underneath that makes little boxes for them to web and attach to. Rosie, the dog, doesn't use the igloo, but we use it to block the BBQ pan (where the grease drips) to prevent her from licking the pan. Live and learn people. Nothing is more fun than having your white soft furry Lhasa Apso come inside with half her face covered in black grease. She had to tip her head to one side to reach the pan, hence why only half her face was filthy.

Okay then, that's some of my exciting life. I'm off to a work meeting where they feed me lunch. Score!

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