Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saw something shiny

My youngest child, Shawna, is 6.5 years old. My oldest child, Paula, is 8 years old. Paula is very organized and methodical. Her room is usually tidy and she can usually find her things even if under clutter. She does get distracted but not like her younger sibling. When you tell Paula to do something she will complete the said act in a reasonable amount of time. When you tell Shawna to do something, more than likely it won't get done. Shawna starts out with the intention to do said act, but she easily gets distracted. We joke that she'll see something shiny that takes her attention away.

This morning, for example, I helped her get dressed (because if I don't it doesn't happen) and walked her into the bathroom where all she had to do is brush her teeth. I go back into my room to fix my hair that is not cooperating at all. 5 minutes later she still hasn't brushed her teeth. I remind her again to hurry up and brush her teeth. I go downstairs to pop their breakfast of a chocolate chip waffle into the toaster oven, because I'm very Martha Stewart that way, and 5 more minutes go by. Still no Shawna.

Shawna! Hurry up!

She has a small mouth people. She hasn't lost 1 single baby tooth. What is she doing up there?!

Finally she comes down. Now we have to get her shoes on. Where are her shoes? They're not in the shoe room next to the kitchen like they're supposed to be. They're upstairs. Gah! So she runs upstairs to get them. 2 minutes pass.

Shawna! Hurry up!

She brings down the shoes but now we're so late she has to put them on in the car. This is a typical morning in my house. If you do not shuffle behind Shawna ensuring that each task gets accomplished, minutes turn into hours and the act does not get completed.

Do you have a child like this??

It's been awhile since I shared pictures.

Paula on 4th of July for the bike parade. She came in 1st place for her age group.

This is Shawna. She too came in 1st place for her age group. Their dad does a fine job of decorating!

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Leslie said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hello. Saw on your comment that you are from California. Me too. Always fun to find someone close by. I'm going to follow you. (But not in a scary way, hee hee!)