Thursday, July 23, 2009

WW Update Week 3

Yay! I weighed in today at 148 so I'm down -1.2 lbs for a total lost of -5.2 lbs. Go me!

This past week this my appetite was better. I wasn't as hungry, although I did have one night where I caved and ate a bunch of Wheat Thins and sharp cheddar cheese.
Below is what I generally ate everyday. It totals to about 22 pts give or take. I'm supposed to eat 20 points daily, and then there are 35 extra points for the week that I can divide how I want. I'm using mine for wine. =) Throughout the week I upped my water intake, although I'm still not at 64 oz like they suggest. I can't be running to the bathroom all day!

I also did a good 1 hour hike on Sunday with Dina & Susanne (neighbor friends) in our hills that included some huffing and puffing. I'm parking at the end of my work parking lot too. Just little things but it all adds up. My friend/co-worker Tina also lots 1.2 pounds this week. We ROCK!!

Breakfast: 1 pouch of blueberry oatmeal from Trader Joe's - (3pts)
Coffee w/non-fat milk (2pt)
Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs (4pt) [or Lite Progressive soup which is 3 pts]
Diet caffeine free root beer (0 pt) non-fat fruit yogurt (2pt)
Snack: String cheese (2) [or fruit]
Dinner: 2 egg omelet with tomatoes (4pt), 2 glasses of wine (4pts)
Dessert: WW Giant Fudge Bar (1pt)

If I keep up this momentum I should be in bathing suit condition in 3 weeks for our camping/boating trip and even better for my Cabo trip in October with my skinny cute friend.

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