Monday, July 13, 2009

Just call me Spot

Well, my birthday is long gone. We had a fun time at my parents house for the 4th of July weekend. The girls both came in 1st place for their bike parade which made the day go well since we didn't have to hear Paula complain again this year that she lost and Shawna won.

The top story here today is that I have hives. Again. This time they're not itchy (yet) but I'm stumped and frustrated as to why all of a sudden I have chronic hives. I gained a crap load of weight on Prednisone so I do NOT want to take that again. The hives are all down my arms and legs. I don't have any on my chest, torso or face.

My SIL suggested I get an allergy screening done. I must be newly allergic to something I've eaten forever since I am a creature of habit. I eat the same foods, use the same products etc so to all of a sudden have this reaction is buggin'. Speaking of which, the bug bites are gone. Maybe the first hives weren't from the bites at all. Who the hell knows.

Either way just call me Spot.

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