Monday, August 18, 2008

More Boob Squishing

Did anyone think this would be a kinky post??? Sorry to disappoint.

I had a mammogram last Thursday. I have to say that the hospital I went to I've been at many times. It's where I delivered both my girls. Only this is the first time I've been in their new Women's Center which is next door to the main hospital. OMG this place was like a SPA! No Lie. I guess that's the new trend to make the patients feel relaxed. They have the new digital x-ray machine which doesn't squish you like the older technology does. You also get to keep breathing which is nice!

I had my first mammogram 2 years ago on 4/21/06 in Redwood City. I did it after Todd's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's fine now by the way. They had the older technology and when they told me not to move and not to breath I almost passed out. No lie. I had to sit down for awhile while she brought me water. They hate fainters. I should have a big sign on my head that says FAINTER. I'm fine if I'm laying down but that's not an option when you get your boobs squished.

2 years ago my results were negative. Mostly because as a first time mammo they use the first film as a base line, then there after they compare the films to see if there are any differences. They noted the denseness in my breasts and recommended routine follow-ups.

Now I'm 40 so the yearly mammo's begin. I have a new gynocologist. My OB who delivered my girls retired. I went to a new lady 2 years ago and she retired. I'm now with her office partner. I'd never met her until last month. She's a kick. She uses the word GROOVY alot. Belly dances for exercise. She's really a hip chick. She gave me an order to go across the street for my mammo. I went to my appt and dang this place is nice. They have dressing rooms like a major department store, lockers for your purse and belongings, a really nice lounge area with coffee, tea, etc. The entire place was like a spa. They even have a massage room.

I told the gal taking my info that I tend to faint. She made note. I mentioned to them that for a few years now my right breast makes me know it's there. It doesn't hurt, or have any lumps (to the touch). I can't stay it's a tingly sensation. I really have a hard time describing the feeling. In the end I told them to make special note of the right side. The tech came in and told me I wasn't allowed to faint. LOL She was nice actually and since I got to keep breathing and the new machine didn't squish my tiny A-long boobs I did fine. My friend Suzanne is a DD and says she apparently never feels pain during her mammos. They're just so big. That's her theory anyway. Well, I'm an A-Long now (used to be a perky B) so squishing hurts.

My gyno called today and said the lab wants me to go back in 6 months to check the right side. That there is a blemish which is most likely benign but they'll compare it in 6 mos and see if it's changing. She said in 20 years of all her patients that had follow-ups like this only 1 ever showed to be real cancer.

She also asked if my first film from 2006 was available. I told her the Redwood City lab was mailing it to the Women's Center. She said if they might cancel the 6 mos follow-up if the first film and this newest one show the same thing. But then the 2nd Xray was done via digital Xray and the first one I don't think was, so it might be hard to compare apples to apples.

I'm not scared. Of course I'm concerned but I'm not scared. I'm young, healthy and can kick ass to any foreign object in my body so we'll just see what happens.

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