Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where is my personal assistant?

Reason 1 why I need a personal assistant:
Two days ago we ran out of milk. There was some left on Monday night and if the girls rationed it there would be enough for 2 nights. Todd planned on shopping today (Wed...yes, he does the grocery shopping...close your mouth) but I said I would run to the store to buy them milk tomorrow (yesterday) and allowed them to drink it all up.

I forgot to get milk. No one reminded me! You should have heard the whining from the girls. I did the unthinkable. I let them drink the chocolate soy milk we have for mornings and lunches. That was scary since chocolate at 7:30pm could have really backfired on me, but they did good.

Reason 2 why I need a personal assistant:
Last night was Neighborhood Gathering night or something like that. Your neighborhood is supposed to plan a gathering so everyone can meet, chat, gossip. You know. I received a phone call about it, and a newsletter. I forgot. I came home, changed into my jammies, washed my face, sent Todd up to bed since he's sick and then my friends call asking me where I am.

Reason 3 why I need a personal assistant:
Today was water Wednesday at Shawna's school. For 3 weeks now they've had water Wednesday and I've forgotten 2 of those 3 days. Today was one of them. The first time I forgot I ran back home and grabbed her stuff, but today I was on a tight schedule and couldn't go home. I actually hoped it would be too cold for them to play outside in water and the director told me she didn't think they'd do it, but still. I forgot!!!!

Today Todd asked if on the way home I'll pick up some ice for our camping trip. How much do you want to bet I'll forget? Huh? Who's in?


Lyn said...

I tried sending you pics of our patio but you are out of the office until next week. Did you get ice? :)

Sandra said...

I did in fact remember the ice.
Thanks for asking!