Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Vignettes

Weekend Vignettes:

This weekend we had some friends over who we're camping with this weekend. They have a 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter who is in Paula's class.

The boy comes into the kitchen where his mom and I are talking and says:

Boy: Shawna just showed me her butt. She told me to hold my nose, then she pulled down her shorts.

Me: roll my eyes

In walks Shawna with a HUGE smile on her face.

Me: Shawna, I know you're going to live in a nudist colony some day but we do not show our butts to anyone do we?

Shawna: No

Me: What happened when you showed your butt to your classmate in preschool?

Shawna: Got in trouble

Me: Yes, so say you're sorry to (boy).

Shawna: Sorry


Some of the pants/shorts Paula owns have very difficult button enclosures. She has to check to see if she can easily work them, and if not, if she can pull them down her hips to go potty. I've even gotten to the point where I've removed the original button and replaced it with smaller ones so she can work them better. Sometimes we'll just leave it unbottoned and she'll wear a belt over it.

Paula is in my bedroom getting dressed as well as Shawna. I'm helping Shawna.

Paula: I can't get this buttoned! Ugh!

Me: Here, let me help you. I walk over and button it for her.

Paula: Checks to see if she can pull shorts down while it's buttoned. It doesn't go down.

Me: Okay fine. I go back over and unbutton it for her thinking she'll wear a belt today instead.
Paula: NO! I need to do it myself! You're SO not on my page.

Me: Staring at her because I can't believe my 7 year old just said that to me. How old is she??? Your right. I guess I'm not on your page. smiling

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