Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rosie Shmosie "humps"

Rosie went to the groomer this week. She's always so small after she's been groomed. Her hair can get quite long which poofs her out. She's 10.2 lbs as of her last vet appt a few weeks ago.

Todd took the below pictures this week. I believe she was, or is about to, hump that green blanket. She likes to hump things. The girls call it "hugging". They think it's funny when Rosie tries to "hug" their arm. Yeah. Funny. We had her fixed and clearly since she's female it's just a domination thing. She really likes to hump Shawna's slippers, certain blankets, towels left on the floor, her fake sheepskin bed and a couple stuffed animals the girls might have laying around. She gets all worn out from it too, where her tongue is hanging out. She'll do it over and over again in a matter of 30 minutes or more. Maybe all day long if I didn't remove the darn thing she's in love with.

I remember a guy I went to jr. high and high school whose mom had a Llasa Apso, like Rosie, and that dog LOVED to hump my leg. Every damn chance it got it was on my leg. It was actually difficult to pull the dog off too! I was actually worried when I picked Rosie that I'd have that same problem, but since I was getting a female and 'thought' theirs must have been a male, since I couldn't really remember that far back, I hoped we'd be safe. I never saw that written up in any of the breed information that they're humpers. None of our dogs, which were Cocka-poos, did this so I really didn't think it would happen. Apparently I was wrong. Either way she's cute. She's our Rosie Shmosie.

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Tari said...

I never realized girl dogs did this either until we had our first boxer. Boxer girls are the bossiest things around and she was always out to "prove she was boss", so to speak. When we decided to get her a brother most of the dogs would start barking and trying to run away with just one look at her - like they were saying "no, don't make me live with that B*&ch!" The brother dog we finally found would just lie down when she tried her stuff, so they must have come to some sort of agreement on the subject.

Strange animals.

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