Monday, July 28, 2008

Paula has croup. Again. She woke up at 3:30 am not being able to breath well, and had that seal cough. I took her outside to help open her airway. I'd even put her to bed with a humidifier but she still got the croup.
She's at home today with my mom and Shawna. They were planning on going to an indoor swimming pool that has a slide and lazy river. Todd is taking her to the doctor at 3:30 pm. She's been coughing for a few weeks but nothing major. My mom says it's allergies but I don't think so.

I brought her to bed with me since Todd was getting up to go to work at that ungodly hour. We slept in and were laying there talking.

Paula: Mommy, some day I want to go to a Hannah Montana concert. (she has the HM concert recorded for 3D and has watched it for 2 days).
Me: Okay.
Paula: And see the Jonas brothers too (smiles at me as she says it. She has a major crush on all of them. Shawna's boyfriend is Shane)
Me: Oh, okay.
Paula: And I want to sit right in the front. Because Hannah Montana does touch your hand when she's on stage.
Me: Really? Cool.
Paula. Yeah.
Paula: Mommy, I'm different from everyone in my family.
Me: How so?
Paula: I don't like to eat many kinds of foods, but you and Daddy and Shawna eat everything.
I do like broccoli and chicken now. And I ate eggs and liked them.
Me: That's right. See, as you get older you like more foods.
Paula: I like to touch my thumb to my nails and rub them. (shows me). If I do it to this one I have to do it to another one because it has to be even. I like things to be even.
Me: Yes I know.
Paula: There is one thing you do that no one else does. (gets quiet) Getting mad. You were really mad last night. You should have heard yourself.
Me: I know. I got really frustrated. I'm sorry. (She and Shawna were in major hyper mode out of no where at 8pm and were behaving as if they'd just downed a whole box of sugar, running, screaming, jumping on the furniture. I'm saying to my mom "Why are they so fucking hyper?!". Her: I don't know
Todd: Makes no sound from inside the computer room.
Later he goes in there and riles them up more by carrying them around on one arm.
Me: I start yelling at them to be quiet, sit down, calm down. IT'S BED TIME!

Paula: If we go into the small TV room we're calmer because there is less furniture to jump on.
Me: Really. Is that why?
Paula: Uh huh. And then we can watch the Hannah Montana concert. But we need new 3D glasses because the ones we have are terrible and don't stay on. Plus Rosie tries to chew them. We need to get the plastic kinds.
Me: Okay. Hey, I think Grandma is downstairs. Do you want to go see? I need to shower.
Her: Okay!!!!! (jumps up out of bed and heads out the door).

I love our little talks.

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