Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting Organized

I WILL be organized this school year. I WON'T forget share days, free dress days, when to bring 100 pennies days, field trip days, etc. I WILL be organized! That's my new mantra.

Somewhere somehow (probably from all the blog hopping I do lately) I found this really cool site with this really cool organizer. It's called the Mom Agenda. (If anyone cares to share how to show only the name, not the http shows up I'd love to know. do I need to upgrade my blogger? I can do it in my emails and other work stuff, it just doesn't seem to happen here. )

Where was I? Oh yeah, It has a place for up to 4 kids, an entire month calendar, plus individual daily calendars. They come in really neat colors too. I got pink. It's really perty and even has 2 ribbons to page mark special pages.

I WILL be organized this school year!!!

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Lyn said...

When I do hyperlinks I just highlight the words I want to link, then hit the little "earth-chain" icon and enter the URL address in the popup window. Are you using Mac or PC? I'm on PC - Mac might be different.

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