Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Be Careful Grandma!

My mom threw her back out yesterday. She and Shawna were in the lake where my mom was picking Shawna up and throwing her into the water. All was fine but after they got home my mom's back got tight and she couldn't move much. Today they went to the chiropractor and she's doing better but she still can't lean down to put her shoes on. They went to the movies today.

Shawna tells me after they got back "Mommy, we went to the movies and saw Kung Fu Panda and we had POPCORN AND SODA!".
You might recall that Paula also went to the movies with my mom and saw the exact same movie during her stay up there. I've never taken either of my girls to the movies. Not quite sure why other than we have every movie ever made at my house.

My mom is so great.

I often worry about her. I especially get nervous with all the driving she does (3 hours each way) to and from my house. Now that she has her new Honda CRV with more airbags I worry a bit less but I still make her call me when she gets home. I would feel guilty forever if anything bad happened to her while she was doing something for my family.

She's such a good Grandma. Even this past weekend HER friends were saying how she gets the Grandma of the Year award. They joked saying they wish they had her as their Grandma. It's true. My kids have such a close relationship with her. She gets down on the floor and plays dolls, cards, board games, (I don't even do those things!). She comes down for a week to watch my girls during spring breaks, Christmas breaks and so Todd and I can go on vacation ALONE.
My dad doesn't even come help her. He's not that into kids. He loves my kids, but they're loud and obnoxious, and truth be told my mom doesn't want to have to worry about feeding him too so it's better he stays home. LOL

So I say BE CAREFUL GRANDMA! We need you!

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