Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hurts my heart

Injustices to me or my children really hurt my heart. Little life experiences that I know in the scheme of things are small seem unfair in great proportion at the beginning.

Yesterday Paula's school had a field trip to Chuck E Cheese. I'm so glad they take them because I hate going there. It's a huge germ fest. Once, my niece climbed in the ceiling tubes with my kids and saw pee pooled in one of the tubes. GROSS!!! You know it was a boy. Ick.

After they'd played and had pizza she gathered up all her tickets from winning games and traded her tickets in for a toy lizard. They were getting ready to leave and a boy in her class apparently had dropped his toy lizard and saw Paula with hers, assumed it was his and snatched it out of her hands. He didn't believe her when she said it was hers. She cried all the way home on the bus. (that just breaks me heart).

When the dad came to pick up the boy she told him what happened and he said "You two need to work it out".

Not only did the boy not believe her but the father didn't even come to her defense. Total injustice to her and last night she was still upset. I told her to show me who this boy was at drop off today. She did. His father was there this morning too. I was tempted to bring up the subject lightly to the father, mentioning how upset Paula was yesterday and if his son could please apologize. I didn't. I didn't want to make it a huge deal. I don't know the family at all. If he blew me off I'd have gotten very pissed and that wouldn't have helped matters.

I know that things like this happen and will continue to happen through out her life. "Life isn't fair". But as her mother it hurts my heart that she has to endure these unfair life experiences.

Would you have said something to the father or child?

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Lisa L said...

I would call the school. Or speak in person to the head person. Its treatment that was unfair and unjust and the teachers who take the kids on the outings need to know about stuff like this. Maybe they could give the kids a talk about 'snatching' and 'stealing' other peoples' property. I used to work at a day care for years. You need to be on top of the kids at all times. I just wonder where the teachers were, and why they weren't involved. ESPECIALLY as she was crying on the bus home.

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