Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dreams of being an only child

Paula is alone with us this week. Shawna is with my parents since Paula got to do it in June.
Before bed the other night Paula quietly told me that she wouldn't mind if Shawna wasn't her sister so that she could be an only child.

Now, I totally understand this concept since growing up I REALLY didn't want to have my brother. He was a pest and before he came along, when I was 4 years old, it was all about me. Now I can appreciate him but it took many years. People say my brother and I are a lot alike. When they say that they're referring to our "evil" side. We both have tempers, can be selfish and get loud when we fight and argue with anyone, especially each other. I find Alan to be less tolerant of things and people than me. Either way, he's my brother and we found ways of dealing with each other. I am happy to have him as my sibling, although I always wished he was a sister instead of a brother so we'd have more things in common.

I explained to Paula that I understand why she feels that way but she'd miss not having Shawna to play with. She looked doubtful. haha


Anonymous said...

You're a kinder, gentler mom than me.

When my kids complain that they wish they were only children, I ruefully nod and sigh and say "I sometimes wish that too".

Sandra said...

Paula said it again today on the way to summer school. "Mommy, I really love being an only child. This is SO great. Except I'm not really an only child because of Shawna". She said Shawna with a bit of annoyance in her voice. LOL
I was tempted to tell her we had Shawna purposely for her, but I restrained and just said they'll be each others best friends in life. I was met with silence again. hahaha

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