Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday weekend "Readers Digest Version"

Thursday night we headed to my parents about 7:30pm and hit stupid traffic midway on Interstate 80. There was no reason that we could see for the traffic since when it finally dispersed there was nothing there! I hate that.

Friday morning my mom sang happy birthday to me. My girls were SO EXCITED that my birthday had finally arrived. We headed over to the bike parade that morning. Todd was already there helping set up. My moms friends Barbara and Carol organized the event and since he helped them last year they asked for his help again this year. Their bikes were all decked out. I bought them matching Wal-Mart outfits (since I'm a big spender). They looked really cute. They each won in their age group. Thank goodness because last year when Shawna won and Paula didn't it was torture for all of all weekend with her complaining.

Afterwards we headed back to my parents to make lunch and get in our swimsuits. My dad and Todd staked out our spot on the beach w/out EZ-Up canopy. The weather on the 4th was great. Not hot or smokey. The girls played in the water for a couple hours. We headed back home so I could nap. LOL Todd set up the pool in the backyard w/the EZ-Up to shade it. A couple times we saw twin baby deers. OMG they are soo cute! Lots of spots. The mom was nowhere to be seen, but the babies came to my parents waterfall for water.

The girls set the table for me. They wanted me at the head of the table with them on each side of me. So cute. They'd each decorated cards and the envelopes for me. They blew up balloons and hung birthday signs. The adults drank the wine I picked from my day out with Dina and Susanne. Delicious. They helped my mom frost the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. YUMMY! My favorite. My mom claims she didn't know she bought trick candles but WHATEVER! Those suckers did not want to blow out! LOL

Saturday we headed to my mom's friends house on the lake. Barbara. She and Carol had planned a kids event where they panned for gold. They'd painted rocks of all sizes gold and tossed them in the lake. The kids LOVED it. There was probably at least a dozen kids of all ages. After they weighed their gold they got to "buy" something from the table. Paula met a sweet girl whose grandparents lived across the cove. Her name was Paige and she's 7 also. They played, even took a paddle boat to her house to play, then paddled back. We headed home where they played in the tiny pool again.

Sunday we left Shawna at my parents. Todd, Paula and I visited my Grandma on the way home. She looked awesome! She's 92 and so pretty. I love her white hair. Sadly her eyesight is so bad she couldn't recognize me right away. Her strokes have affected her eyes. She asked me to read to her a letter she received from her niece so I did that. She adored Rosie too. Rosie was making her laugh, which I loved to hear. We stayed until they came to get her for lunch. Paula wanted to push her wheel chair to the lunch room table. I gave her tons of kisses and we lift. God I love her.

We hit a lot of traffic on the way home. I told Todd that Labor Day weekend we need a plan because towing the trailer in that traffic will be a bear.

So that's my birthday weekend in a nut shell. Overall it was wonderful. I'm not as freaked being 40 now that I AM 40. It was just leaving my 30's that made me panicky.

Todd didn't bring the SanDisk SD card to work so I'll have to post pictures later.

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