Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Puttin' out fires

Today at work I participated in a fire extinguisher training for my ERT (emergency response team) that I'm on. The fire department came in 2 trucks. The regular fire truck and the hazmad truck carrying the gasoline. We had approximately a dozen fire extinguishers to use.

They put out 2 garbage cans and a shorter can, poured the gasoline in them. A firefighter took a long stick with a flare on the end, lit the flare, then lit all the cans on fire. We practiced pulling the pin, aiming at the fire down at the base then sprayed it side to side a few times getting the fire out.

I HAD TOO MUCH FUN! Yes, you heard me. Putting out that fire was way too much fun. Many of my colleagues agreed. We want to do it again.

Firefighter telling us again what we need to do. We're also waiting for other fighfighter to light cans. I can't be seen. I'm standing next to the white rolling cart.

Die Fire! Die!

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