Thursday, July 3, 2008

Basking in my 30's for one more day

Tomorrow is D-day. I will officially be 40 years old at 8:45am. I'm really not thrilled about turning 40.
I love my birthday's in general. I love all the attention I get (I'm needy) the presents (I'm materialistic) and the festivities of 4th of July. I remember turning 30 and feeling I hadn't accomplished everything I wanted. Not married yet, no kids, no house.

But my 30's have really turned out to be the best! In my 30's I got married, bought a home, had 2 beautiful girls. They're young, sweet, fun and so full of energry. In my 40's I'll have TEENAGERS! I'm just not so sure my 40's will be as blissful as the 30's I'm leaving.

I wouldn't say I'm kicking and screaming, but I'm not running to my new age either.

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