Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swimsuit shopping

Shopping for a 7 year old girls swimsuit should not be as stressful as shopping for my own! It took me an hour to pick out 3 swimsuits for her.

First of all, I had to worry about whether the top of the suit will pucker enough to make her complain that her boob shows. Because she won't wear it in public if her boob is showing. Even a tiny bit showing. Seriously? You have boobs? You're only 7 years old. Let me see.

Then, according to her it really should be a 2-piece because she can go potty easier. I would agree, since she's not quite talented enough to move the crotch material over with her hand, pee, wipe, and put back in place. We're working on that.

Then, there aren't that many suits left! The ones that were available were either not her size, or were made of paper. Seriously, they were so thin I could see the ceiling lights thru the material. How long do you think those will last? 1 washing and they're toast. I need to get 2 kids worth out of these suits and my kids can trash suits like no ones business. We still have sand in the butts from our Maui trip in May. I've machine washed them many times but the sand does not come out. It's like the sand is glued into the material.

I walked out with 3. She liked them all, even the one which is a 1-piece. I told her to wear that for swim lessons, rather than camping. Of course the kids all pee in the lake so maybe it's a non-issue.

Glad that's done!

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The Six of Us said...

You move over the crotch material in a 1-piece suit to pee? I've never done that in all my 38 years of wearing 1-pieces. LOL