Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rollins Lake Camping

On Thursday my family and I left for Rollins Lake Greenhorn Campgrounds for a 5 day adventure. This trip had been planned for months. There were 5 families with us making it a total of 25 people. There were 11 children, mostly girls around the age of 7 & 8. We know these families from school and softball. One is from work and then our neighbors too.

A menu was planned with families in charge of certain food items. The goal being that we didn’t want to over pack. That didn’t work out. We had so much food we could have fed everyone in the entire campground.

We had great weather. The lake was low but not crazy low. I ended up towing our boat with my brothers 1996 Yukon with broken air conditioning. That was nice. (not). On the way up we hit traffic and in central California it’s hecka hot. I had to keep the windows down for air. Dang it was hot. It was 95 degrees during our travel so imagine sitting in that trapped in a car. I was proud of myself for towing the boat all.by.my.self. Todd towed the trailer w/the the girls and Rosie. No mishaps other than almost taking out Phil’s (my coworker whose family joined us) front right fender while turning into a parking spot . Thankfully Todd screamed at me really loud which made me stop the car.

Things to remember for next time:
1. Bring more tequila. The margaritas these people made were awesome.
2. Bring less food
3. Definitely make Texas caviar again. That was a hit.
4. Get the guys to shut up after quiet time so the “warden” doesn’t talk to us twice each night telling us to keep it down.
5. Expect muscles to ache A LOT after riding the wakeboard, ski and tubing for 5 days.
6. Make sure to ride on the tube with Dina again because I laughed the entire time while she was freaking out about dying.
7. Try not to let Rosie Shmosie loose in the dirt until (well, never) because white hair and camping dirt don’t mix. Not even after she leaps into the lake unprovoked.
8. Do not tell J.D., a grown man, names you dislike because he’ll make it a point to call you those names.
9. Remind Todd not to shine the 1000 watt light into Peppers face or he’ll get yelled at again.
10. Remind Todd to bring the night vision goggles again because everyone loved those.
11. Try to get Paula to be less bossy.
12. Try to get Paula to be less bossy.
13. Remember that Shawna likes to jump in the “deep end” of the lake with mommy and float by herself with her life jacket on because she’s such a big girl.
14. Figure out before hand how much each family owes and confirm with the campground the “real” rules as far as costs go.
15. Win the lottery before we go to afford all the gas and food.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Hey, can you tell us more the Texas caviar?

Like, what is it?

I laughed at number 11, but not until I read #12. :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

And another thing.... Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! That's so nice of you!