Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yesterday my mom took both girls up to her house for a few days. My mom plays in USTA tennis and had a tournament today which she didn't want to miss while babysitting my girls this week.  My mom is in great condition for close to 70 years old. I was checking her legs out the other day and they do not jiggle like mine do.  Her ankles give her problems these days but her knees are fine.  I couldn't do tennis w/my knees. It sucks to have bad knees.

So, Todd and I are kidless for a few days. The house is more quiet and Rosie, our dog, is looking at us like we should be doing something to locate the children. 
Tomorrow night we're going on a date. San Jose Improv has the comedian Ralphie May there right now.  We always enjoy the dinner, drinks and entertainment there when we go. 

Saturday Todd works and I'll head up to my parents house to get the girls.  I'm hoping to stop at my friend Jen's with my girls to see her house. She bought a total dump of a house on some large land last year and with lots of elbow grease has made some major improvements. She has baby chickens too and I'm dying to see those.  Todd will get most of Sunday to himself for Father's Day.  The girls and I will do something for him, what yet...I don't know.  We used to go to theme parks when the girls were little. That was easy. 

I had my interview today for the wine and spirit disty today.  I liked the supervisor I interviewed with and I think she liked me.  I may have been too chatty because I was so comfortable with her.  We'll see what happens.  It's sooo close to my house.  I drove there in under 10 minutes.  I could ride my bike!  She had a gal waiting when I left.  Our interview ran long.  There is no telecommuting, no iphone, hourly salary and apparently parking sucks.  But, the closeness to my house would be a huge bonus. I haven't heard anything back from the semi-conductor interview yet.  If they don't pick me I'll be disappointed only because I think I'm awesome and everyone should want to hire me!  but won't miss doing that commute. That commute is daunting. 

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