Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to school shopping

Last night I ran to Walmart to tackle the 2009-2010 School Supply List I've had since June. (like any of you shopped in June for your kids school supplies. heh) My school had a pre-order your kids school supplies form before school ended. I didn't sign up. I'm sure I had a great reason at the time. Wish I knew because next June I'm signing up.

Back to Walmart. Many of the hot items are gone. Big Pink erasers. Gone. 70 sheet spiral notebooks. gone.

In addition, my kids school has teachers who prefer Prang watercolors over Crayola (what every friggin store carries!) so I called Aaron Brothers Art and Framing store and Mike (my new love) has several. I told him to put them aside and I'll be there tonight for them.

What else couldn't I find? Well, since you asked, I couldn't find flash cards. Paula needs division and multiplication flash cards this year for 3rd grade.

Going out again tonight with all the other last minute shoppers. It's like Christmas Eve out there right now. School isles are packed. It's ugly. Don't go out there if you can help it.

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Blasé said...

Better YOU, than me!