Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pinecrest Weekend

This photo of these two guys below can make a day long email go back and forth in my world. This photo was taken by my husband on our camping trip. See below for some what transpired once we got home.

Commentary on the above photo:

Johna (wife to Steve, husband on left): ROFL...I was going to make a comment, but I just can't stop laughing at just the mere site of these two....I don't know why!

Sandra: I think Steve is yawning. :0)

Johna: Oh, I'm sure of it.

Johna: I don't know whether to call them Cheech and Chong, Beavis and Butthead or Lucy and Ricky.... LOL

Sandra: Which one is Lucy??

Allison: (Wife to JD, husband on Right) JD is Lucy!! JD is Lucy!!

JD: Honestly, Steve and I more than hold our own against some of the other famous duos in the world. We’re just continuing the legacy! (proceeds to send photos of famous dou's like Starskey and Hutch, Luke & Laura, Cagney & Lacey, etc.

Steve: That’s right, We could be a famous detective team..... Bad Butt & Big Mouth, kicking A$$ all over the sierras with Fez hats. We could kick the sh!t out of law breaking Pinecrest locals. We could drive around in a beat up Montero with a clutch that goes out.

*You had to be there to really enjoy the humor.


View of the lake while on our hike. The hike around Pinecrest is 4 miles. It's not difficult at all.

Snow on the mountains

Water from the dam

Shawna loves her ribs! (Ignore my husband in his fem pose)

Melted snow water coming down from the mountains into the lake.

I have no comment

Allison, my husband Todd and Steve

Happy Camping Kids!

I'm riding on a kids bike

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

It looks like you had so much fun! And men? They're at their finest when camping with their buddies! : )