Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just an update

What's new?

1. We received our first foster dog. Her name is Evie and she's very sweet. She's a 5 year old grey (what is the difference between grey and gray? I see it spelled both ways) cockapoo and schnauzer mix. She's small like our Rosie. Evie (not her real name...we don't know her real name) has chosen me as her favorite. She sleeps with me on the bed and follows me like a shadow. This Saturday I'll bring her to Petco for an adoption show case. I'm not in a hurry to lose her. She's great with my girls and even Todd likes her.

2. Soccer sort of ended on Saturday. No more games but Shawna's team has a team party on Thursday at their normal practice field to receive their trophies, have a pizza party and adults with kids soccer game. Paula received her trophy at her last game.

3. Swimming starts up on Thursday then moves to Tuesday's in a few weeks. It is hella expensive but I really like this particular swim school. Shawna needs the most work but I want Paula to know the proper way to do all 4 swim strokes. She's got freestyle & racer backstroke down. She was learning the breast stroke last summer when we stopped. She still needs to learn the butterfly.

4. Saturday Todd and I have an adult only party to attend, then on Sunday is neighbor party. My company is shut down on Friday so I get a 4 day weekend. woohoo!

5. My baby niece, Allison, is smiling now. My brother has sent me a couple pics in the past couple days from his iphone that I'll share. She's so delicious.

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