Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good golly. Haven't heard that in awhile have you?

This weekend was like a perpetual party. I have a headache over my left eye that refuses to go away even on Codiene! My thoughts today are random. Not too unusual if you're a regular reader. Speaking of, how and why are people following me on Twitter?? I suck at Twitter. I don't think I totally understand how it all works. I'm so sorry to any of you who added me. You'll leave soon I'm sure.

Okay, on to my weekend.

One of the hosts to an adult party we attended Saturday night actually made me a drink with everclear. Everclear people!!! I didn't even know that shit still exists! Everclear, for the non-drinking folks, is a 151 proof, clear, no taste alcohol that is illegal. He called the drink a Cheryl Temple. It tasted really good actually. Thankfully I gave half of my drink away and survived.

We still have "rental dog". She's had diarrhea almost since day one so on Friday she had to go to the vet for an exam and stay overnight. She needs to be fixed before she can legally go home to a permanent family, but until she's healthy for a longer period of time we need to wait. The foster place pays for everything. Not one penny has left my purse.

My sister-in-law came over yesterday with Baby Allison and brought their vizsla who is a year old. Evie, rental dog, barked at her like crazy. My 2 year old dog, Rosie, who was previously scared shitless of the vizsla and drooled for hours during and after their first meeting, was very relaxed since Evie was all tough. Funny dogs. I also got tons of baby luvin' from my sweet niece. She's smiling and cooing now. SO DAMN CUTE!!! My brother had to work (police officer) so I bribed Jen with dinner so I could have Allie time. I'm nice like that.

I'm on the last book of the vampire Twilight Series . I was up until midnight reading and had to force myself to go to bed. It didn't help that I slept in until 11am almost all weekend due to late night partying. I'm so tired today. *yawn*.

I suck as a daughter. My moms birthday was on Saturday but I forgot. I called her yesterday. I didn't send a card either. Don't send me cards and please do not expect cards from me. I think cards are a great idea if you're organized and into all that, and I do appreciate receiving them, but I feel guilt over not sending them so stop sending me cards! I suck at thank you cards too. I'm better at thank you emails. I appreciate all you freaky organized people out there but I'm not one of you.

Look, this is me. I had to call my home number today from work to leave a message on my home voicemail to remind myself that tomorrow Paula needs to wear something "Anne Frank-ish" for her oral book report and that Shawna has her teddy bear picnic tomorrow so she needs to go to school w/a teddy bear. Does that guarantee I'll remember? Nope. If it's not plastered to my forehead I can still forget. It's fun to be me.

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