Monday, April 23, 2012

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

This weekend Paula, Shawna and I visited my girlfriend, Jill.  

Jill was my matron of honor in 1999 and has been a  long time good friend of mine.  She and her fiance' own an organic farm called Baia Nicchia.  They sell their tomatoes and other veggies to restaurants and at farmers markets.  Her fiance' creates hybrids for the bay area climate.  We have micro climates here in the bay area.  20 degree variances exist from San Francisco to San Jose which is only 45 minutes apart. 

This weekend I went to pick up some tomatoes from her to plant in my own yard.

Jill rescues greyhounds, pigeons and has a love of chickens. She used to keep her chickens at her home but  a fox or raccoon attacked and killed them so now she keeps them at her organic farm in a large caged area. 

My girls had fun petting and holding her chickens. 

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