Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teacher Gifts

Every year I battle on what Teacher Gifts I should buy this year. For my girls, there are 2 teachers in each grade. Well, one is an assistant but for all practical purposes she's just as important. Well, now that I write that, I have to admit that I have given the larger gift to the "teacher" and smaller gift to the "assistant" so I must not really think they're the same.  Shame on me.

Past gifts: 
Starbucks gift card (so overdone don't you think?)
Jamba Juice gift card
Homemade cards with kids pictures in them. (How quickly do you think they went into the circular file? aka garbage can)

Last year I got them towel cakes.  A gal at work was selling them at a crafts fair.  They were a kitchen or bathroom towel rolled into a cake secured with a ribbon.  It was placed on a mini cake tin. I was impressed. And for $10.00 each I bought 4 of them.  A unique gift and who doesn't need kitchen/bath or even rag towels.

This year at our crafts fair there wasn't anything cutsie for a teacher.  *sigh*

So my search continues. 

What is the perfect teacher gift?

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