Thursday, November 10, 2011

I didn't fall off the planet. Really.

For anyone wondering if I fell off the planet you can be either relieved I didn’t or upset I didn’t . 

It’s good to be working.  So many people still don’t have jobs so I don’t for a minute take it for granted that I’m working and being paid to do it.  But, this job is definitely interfering with my social media time.  The Nerve!!!  By the time I get home I’m exhausted and barely even glance at my iPhone for updates let alone go on the desktop in the computer/shoe/snake/junk room.  Unless my phone talks to me telling me I have a message, I pretty much don’t look at it once I go thru my front door. 

Still, for the few people who might be interested in my daily life I’ll update you. 

I think this new company going to make me permanent after the New Year but I haven’t received confirmation yet.  I also haven’t had any time to look to see what’s out there.  I miss my long lunches and short work days. 

The most exciting thing that’s happened since I posted last was Shawna broke her arm over Labor Day weekend while camping at Mt. Madonna.  She was carrying a blanket out of the trailer and forgot about a log in front her that she couldn’t see with the blanket in front of her, and tripped over it.  She broke it really well too. Her break was called a Distal Humerus Fracture requiring surgery to place 3 pins in her arm.  We had an overnight stay in Kaiser.  The girls and I JUST went on their insurance thru Todd’s company, in August.  $3000 later (gasp!) my daughter’s arm is fine. The cast came off after 4 weeks. They don’t send you to physical therapy. Rather they feel since she’s young and energetic she’ll get the use of her arm back on her own. We did help her by making her use a tiny weight, like one you’d take to aerobics class.  She’s back to playing on the monkey bars like her usual self.  We had to pull Shawna from volleyball once the arm broke but she’s in Girl Scouts and choir at church/school. 

Paula is also in choir too but also plays volleyball with the 5th grade girls.  She’s better this year than last year and enjoying herself more I think too. They had their first game on the weekend and won.  She also just joined a Girl Scout troop.  For years I’ve tried to get her in a troop but our school didn’t have one in her grade.  The neighborhood I live in was also full.  Her new troop started a couple weeks ago and we had our first meeting last Friday. She loved it.  I’m also happy to participate.  They meet in the evenings so I can help run a meeting.  Shawna’s troop meets on their short day of school soon after school gets out, on campus, so I never can attend. 

Todd’s birthday is coming up.  We were hoping to go camping but volleyball games changed our plans.  It’s okay.  I like attending the games.  We still aren’t sure what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.  We were planning to go to my parents house but now Paula’s new troop get so to participate in a parade on Friday after T-day so we should stay in town. 

I'm on my lunch hour so I'll close with some pictures. 
Here is Shawna in her cast.  This was her 2nd cast. The first one was sliced down the sides to allow for swelling.  It got way too big even with the ace bandage wrapped around it. 

Halloween!  We hava a Devil and Leopardess. 

Day at the park in October. One of their school mates was having a birthday party. We weren't invited but were there to just play in the playground. They saw us and invited the girls to use their party stuff. 

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