Friday, October 5, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow Todd and I head out to Cabo for a weeks vacation sans kids. My mom is arriving today to stay with them all next week.  Todd is texting me now saying the suitcase is already at maximum capacity with the booze we're taking so I guess I don't get to bring any clothes. Heh.  I'm sure he'd love THAT. 

We're going to Playa Grande Resort where we have a timeshare. Last year we had to skip the vacation due to my new job and all.  No vacation time plus I was covering for someone on maternity leave.

I'm looking forward to getting away.  Wishing the temps weren't going to be 91 though.  I'd prefer 80's.  It's not as fun laying out in 91 degrees for a weeks time. 

We'll hopefully get some free activities by listening to more timeshare spiels.  They have an entire system down in Cabo where you get free activities or resort credit just for spending a couple hours of your time with them.  Even your own resort will give you activities for NOT listening to some other resort spiel. The game of timeshares down there is crazy but Todd and I have almost fully mastered the plays. 

Obviously since we have a timeshare or two the spiels sometimes work.  Luckily for us we're too poor to buy anymore.  Heh.  This time around I want someone to offer us a swim with the dolphins again.  Todd and I did that many years ago and it was the BEST feeling ever. If you ever get the chance to swim with dolphins take it.  You won't regret it once. 

Kid wise volleyball just started up again. There is drama though which sucks. There are two teams this year for Paula's grade.  Actually, there are 5th and 6th grade combined becasue not enough 5th graders for their own team and too many 6th grade girls to fit on one team.  The powers that be didn't divide the teams equally off the start, which has caused parents and the players to be quite upset.  Paula especially is sad because she didn't get her favorite coach and most of her classmates/friends are on the other team.  We were told last night the diocese has required the board to divided the teams up again.  This is the result of parent complains I'm sure.  We're hoping for the best.

Volleyball is Paula's favorite sport and she literally wanted to quit when all this happened. I want her to be happy.  I'm not opposed to her making new friends and there is nothing wrong with different coaching syles.  What irks me are the parents who could have prevented this issue from happening in the first place.  I think that's what bothers me the most.   My family didn't make the "cut".  We're not part of the "click" that was chosen to stay together. 

There are league guidelines to follow for a two team split but they didn't follow those guidelines.  On purpose.  Even with the caveat "these teams are not set in stone" is not enough to make me, and some other parents, feel better. 

Shawna's team has zero drama.  Thank God.  This is her first year playing and she's sooo excited.   I watched practice last night and she had fun bumping the ball.  She bumped too hard a few times causing the ball to flyyyy over the court.    

Both girls have colds right now.  Paula's seems to be the worst of the two.  We all received flu shots last week.  They probably got sick from the doctors office who administered the flu shot.  I swear, as youngsters, any time we went for a well-check visit the child would be sick a few days later.  Never failed.  Germs germs germs. 

Todd and I hoped we wouldn't get sick before the trip.  I'm still hoping.  Thankfully Mexico has pharmacy's where you can get everything under the son without a doctors Rx. You can buy Viagra right over the counter. We don't and won't but you can.  Penicillans too.  My nurse friend warned me though that their products might not all be kosher.

Looking forward to hopefully releasing some baby tortoises into the ocean.  This resort has nests on their beach protected by fencing. The resort patrons get to release the babies after hatching.  I did it 2 years ago.  So awesome.


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