Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been awhile hasn't it?!

I've been around just not posting. The holidays were great. I had 2 weeks off work.  The girls and I did some bowling (I lost both games with bumpers!) and roller skating (redeemed myself there!) along with visiting with friends and family.  We stayed at my parents house for a few days and did tubing and snow play.  The time off felt long which is always a good thing. 

This is my last week in my current job. I move tomorrow to my new cubicle to start my new job.  Woohoo! 

Today we had an earthquake here in the Bay Area. It centered in Milpitas. It was a 4.1 quake and didn't last long but lasted long enough.  haha  I don't really mind earthquakes too much, as long as they're during the day.  The night ones freak me out since I don't know if I should continue laying in my bed or jump up and get the girls so we can stand under door frames. 

I have some pics but they're not loading properly. Once I figure it out I'll put them on.

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Came over to say hi.
Hope all is going well and that you had a nice Valentine's Day!