Friday, April 22, 2011

Checkin' In

Today is Good Friday.  My company had a floating holiday for today which is great since my girls school is closed today. We leave for Pismo to go camping on Monday. 

I'm going to be decorating my house today for Easter.  The girls are still asleep but once they wake up my husband will take the tub of decorations out of the attic.  We aren't doing anything much for Easter. I'll make the girls baskets and we'll hide eggs for them.  In the past we had fun money hunts at Todd's parents house followed by a gathering at his brother's house but his mom isn't well so his dad doesn't want to partake in big family events anymore. I'll see my entire side of the family next weekend at our annual family reunion. I guess we'll go to church Sunday so we can be good Catholics and just hang out. Maybe we'll do more. We'll see. 

Todd is cleaning the house right now. He already scrubbed down the kitchen and now he's dusting with a dusting brush thing.  It's funny watching him use it.  I don't know why but it is.  I know Todd is more helpful than most men. My girlfriends have been jealous of how helpful he is since they've known him.  They can barely get their husbands to put up a ceiling fan which sits in a box for 6 months in their house.  Todd is always busy.  He's being all careful around the frames on the fireplace mantel.  I'm amused.  He's sort of clean freak and OCD with ADD tendencies which works great for me since he rarely sits down.  Something else that amuses me is that he's wearing latex gloves.  He no longer likes to get dirty.  In high school when we dated he'd spend most waking moments under his car "wrenching" and was a grease monkey.  Since we've been married (12 years) he wears latex gloves to change oil filters on the cars or do other dirty work.  He admits he's anal about things now that never before bothered him.  It's funny how we change as we get older. 

I have to take Rosie to get groomed today so she's all short and pretty for our Pismo trip.  She may end up on the beach, which for a Lhasa Poo is not a good thing.  She has hair, not fur so when she becomes a wet dirty mess, it's bad.  But, if she's short I can brush the sand off her easier.  Also, she's a bit matted since we fail to groom her in between visits.  We once had a Persian cat which required grooming, but we sucked at that too so we'd cut her hair in summer.  She looked so funny when she was short.  Thankfully she was an indoor cat so the other cats in the neighborhood didn't make fun of her. 

I also need to schedule a bikini wax.  I hope I'm long enough.  I shaved down there over a week ago when we went to Squaw because I didn't know if we'd partake in the pool at High Camp. We didn't but now it's possible I'm not long enough to wax.  I will be in a swim suit next week.  This is a problem since I don't want to shave and be rashy a whole week.  Damn.  See what a woman has to go thru? 

Something else I need to do is get spray tanned.  Normally I'd go to the tanning salon and use the beds for a couple weeks prior to a sunny vacation, but I didn't do that.  Now I'm blinding white.  I don't have enough tanning lotion to make a dent in my pasty self so I'm going to try a spray tan at a tanning salon.  How do you avoid getting the spray in your hair?  I have no idea how  it works.  I thought about finding someone who comes to your house and sprays you like what celebrities use, but where do you find those people? I wonder if there are any in my area. 

Todd is now dust mopping the floor.  You should the dust coming off that broom.  How does a house get SO Dusty?  We leave our windows open a lot, which I know contributes but this is seriously a lot of dust he's pulling out. 

It's 9:30am and my girls are still asleep.  Ahhhh vacation. 

Okay, well if I don't check back in everyone have a great Easter.

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