Thursday, April 14, 2011

Studying saga continues

Paula has a science test next week. It was originally scheduled for this past Tuesday.  Luckily for her it was postponed because she didn't study at all beforehand because..... Remember my post on Tuesday?

I also thought I was quite clear when I told her to bring all her books home everyday.  Is that confusing to anyone?  Anyone?

Yesterday Paula didn't bring home her science ANYTHING because in her mind the test was postponed until Tuesday the 19th (next week), so why bring it home when she has all these DAYS before the test.  Really? Because I'm pretty sure the next few days are BUSY. I'm also pretty sure I told you to bring all your books home everyday.

We are leaving this weekend for Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe.  My girlfriend's ex-ex husband (I like to kid her about all her ex husbands since there are 3 of them and she's only 45) parents own one of the original cabins built up there when Squaw was built.  Her ex-ex is also the father of her two boys, who I adore.  We've stayed there before with her, when Shawna was 6 months old and Paula was 2.5 years old.  I've personally been there pre-kids as well.  It's quaint and the staircase to the bedrooms we sleep in is hecka steep.  Like, so steep I'm afraid I'm going to fall down them upon my decent.  We're going for snow play.  We may do tubing or even let the girls take lessons.  I haven't totally decided.  But, I guarantee my girls and Kim's boys will want to hang out and NOT be doing homework.

Paula gets car sick very easily so she can't read during a car trip.  How difficult do you think it would it be for Todd or I to get her to study while we're at a fun cabin with friends?  Like pulling teeth I'm sure. 

Monday is basketball practice and more homework so really the only logical time to study was yesterday and maybe tonight and perhaps Sunday after we get home.  Plus, if you spread it out you don't have to spend so much time in one night. 

She's crying last night saying she doesn't want to study EVERY NIGHT.  I get it.  Really I do.  But Honey, you live in a time where school matters.  Heck, when did school not matter? Even for Laura Ingles I'm pretty sure school mattered. 

Todd stepped in and made a deal with her. She'll bring home all her books and related paperwork home everyday and we'll go from there as far as studying.  In the meantime she can watch a tiny bit of TV. Remember how I said we're taking away TV?  Yeah, not so much yet. 

We're only in 4th grade people.  I'm going to need lots of alcohol and therapy to get me thru the next many years.  Halp

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