Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School plays

Shawna, who turns nine in a couple weeks, is a vastly entertaining child.  She's energetic, funny, obnoxious, loud, chatty, smart. 

The past couple months she and a few of her friends have been performing plays at school. Not the kind on a stage or anything.  They perform them for each other. As in make-believe.  During lunch and recess. 

In December she brought Santa hats and reindeer antlers to school so her friends could be Santa and reindeer. At first when she was telling me about this play I believed the school was using the props.  Nope, just her and her friends. 

After the Santa/Reindeer play they moved on to the Chipmunks and the Chipettes.  Each of her friends is a character of the movie.  Today in the car on the way to school she described who was who.  I haven't seen the latest movie but the kids have. Paula knew every character Shawna mentioned. 

I love that my daughter and her friends have found such an imaginative and creative way to spend free time. 

Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip the 3rd grade (Shawna's class) and 5th grade (Paula's class) are attending to see Tom Sawyer.  I'm driving too so I'll have some of her little friends in the car.  It's cute to see them all interact.  I wonder if they'll put on a Tom Sawyer play after they see it.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


Laura said...

Wow, this is VERY similar to what Tabby and her new friend are doing every day... weird!

Sandra said...

That is funny! What is Tabby's plays about?