Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things going on these days in my world:

1. Basketball season started for both girls. This is Shawna’s first year in basketball. Her coach is a head college basketball coach for men and coached 3rd grade girls last year for our sports program. He has a 9 year old daughter. He and his wife (team mom) are really nice and Shawna is diggin’ her first couple weeks so far. She thankfully fit into Paula’s old bb shoes. Size 4. A tiny bit large but not too bad. Paula on the other hand required new bb shoes size 7. I wear a size 7 shoe. Geez.

2. Shawna’s last 9 year old well-check shows she’s 70#’s and 4’6” tall putting her in the 75% for her age bracket for height. Doc said she’s all good, just needs to up her calcium (remember the broken arm??) so we’ve added lots more chocolate milk to her diet. She doesn’t like plain milk unless it’s in cereal. She eats various things with calcium but not enough all the time.

3. Both girls are still in church choir. Paula complains most of the time about it so I told her she can quit if she wants. So far she’s not quitting. Shawna likes it. We missed the last mass performance on Super Bowl Sunday. We ditched it for a day in Santa Cruz with a friend of mine. It was totally worth it. We had great weather and the girls had a blast with the other kids. The ocean was freezing but they don’t care. Crazy kids.

4. Girl Scout cookies are here! I have tons of boxes just for Paula’s troop. I haven’t even picked up Shawna’s cookies yet. You should see my “store” set up in my cubicle. I’m all over this selling thing. Weekend booth sales start soon. My calendar is filling up with all the girls’ events.

5. Speaking of calendar and events, track & field is starting next week for both girls. Paula gets to do the high jump this year for the first time now that she’s in 5th grade. She’s sooo excited and talks about the high jump a lot.

6. A friend from my past called me 2 days ago saying she was thinking about me. She’s the 2nd friend to do this in a month’s time. My high school friend called a couple weeks ago to say she’s removing her profile off Facebook, which she barely used anyway, and wanted to make sure she had my current contact info. It’s nice to reminisce with old friends. I’m having lunch next week with the one who called the other day. She was in my wedding in ’99 so that tells you how close we were at one time. Now with both of us having older kids and several cities apart, getting together isn’t so simple. Or at least we make it difficult on ourselves. I guess it could be simpler by just making it happen. The high school friend lives in Colorado now but she was out here 2 years ago visiting and she stayed at my house one night, which was fun. We had some good times in middle school and freshmen year in high school. She taught me how to use my first tampon!!! Swear to god. Why I remember that fact is beyond me. Do we all remember this? Like when and where we were when we first used a tampon? I gave her the name of this blog so maybe she’ll comment if she reads this. Haha

7. Speaking of memory, I’m told I have an amazing memory for useless facts. Like the one above for example. I remember really strange things. But don’t ask me where Ohio is on the map cuz I can’t remember important stuff that I should know.

Todd and Paula getting lunch for us on Super Bowl Sunday

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