Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This weekend here in the U.S. was a 3 day weekend in celebration of Presidents Day.  My family and I spent it sporadically doing various things.  On Saturday after Paula had a basketball game we went miniature golfing.  Shawna whizzed thru the place at lightening speed and we pretty much had to add points to her score since she cheated the whole time.  

Our beloved dog Rosie was groomed on Friday.  She used to resemble a small furry bear, but now she has a sweet groomed puppy look. We all love to hold her and pet her much more when she's cleaned up.  It's a win-win for everyone. 

On Monday I took the girls to visit some aunts and uncles in a dual effort to visit family AND deliver Girl Scout cookies. We traveled across a the Dumbarton Bridge from the East Bay over to the Peninsula to Redwood City where Todd's brother lives. His wife ordered 6 boxes of GS cookies.
On the Peninsula just off the bay happens to be where Facebook lives.  Really.  They took over the old Sun Microsystems Campus and have recently added this below as their corporate sign.  I had to take a picture from the car at the stop light.  I wanted to jump out and pose in front but no time or planning. 

The final stop was to visit my brother's house to deliver 2 Thin Mints to his wife.  His cutie pie daughter loves my girls.  They played for a couple hours until we had to go home. 
Paula, Shawna and Allison

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