Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have so much to post but never time to do it.

So here is a quick picture of Paula and I together during the Girl Scouts 100 year celebration
last week.  Well over 200 people showed up at our local gathering. 

We sang songs, did dances to some of the songs, lit candles and enjoyed being 100.  My other daughter Shawna was with us too. 

I was a Girl Scout when I was younger. I started as a Brownie, then bridged to Girl Scouts, but only lasted a year I think.  I started playing softball and time management became a problem.  That and maybe I just didn't enjoy it anymore. *gasp* 

I do remember going on a GS camping trip with my troop as a child. I can't remember where we went but a exactly.  It was woodsy/forest-y.  What I do remember clearly was a child belonging to a family not associated with us at all, became lost in the forest and military vehicles started showing up with a huge seach party to find the child. 

It was all very exciting to me, who was maybe 10 years old or so. 

Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts! 

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