Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are you ticked?

So, have you been wondering what we've been doing over here besides smelling each others feet?
No? Hmph.

Well, here it is anyway:

Shawna received a bad bear note home this week for engaging in an inappropriate behavior. She and her classmate decided to cut each others hair. Thankfully they didn't do any damage. Many years ago when Shawna was 3 years old she decided she no longer wanted bangs, so she removed hers completely. Not a single sole was unaware of what she did. It was plain as day on her little face up near her hairline. Somewhere I have a great picture. I need to find it.

Back to this week. The teacher had a long talk with them explaining proper hair etiquette but didn't feel Shawna actually understood the seriousness of her actions. We took away TV and I gave her the look. You know. The look that says don't ever do it again. I made Shawna cry with just the look. I felt a tad bit bad but was also jumping up and down inside that the look worked. Once the look no longer works you're screwed.

We found a new home for rental dog. Evie went to a nice young lady who works in a homeless shelter. I wasn't too sad to see Evie go. She was sweet and I could have lived with her longer, but her shadowing me became annoying. Anywhere I went she went. If she couldn't find me she ran around looking for me. She sat on me, sat next to me, slept next to me, ate next to me and more times than not wanted to be on my lap. I need my alone time. Even from a dog.

Only a few more days of school left. Shawna has a kindergarten graduation on Tuesday but Paula doesn't get out until Wednesday. Paula doesn't understand why it isn't a big deal to move from 2nd grade to 3rd grade. She believes a graduation for her class is also in order. (rolling eyes)

I recently wrote a check for thousands of dollars so someone else can watch my kids for the summer. Being a full-time working parent has it's perks and forking over lots of money to a summer camp is usually one of them. Of course I'm a mean mom by making my kids also attend summer school. It's a combination camp and summer enrichment program. I know I know. How Dare I. As a kid I never wanted to take summer school. Either the smart kids or the kids with difficulties took summer school and I was a middle of the road kid. I'd take an art class maybe but that was it. I remember making an old lady out of a dried apple in summer school. But kids these days can't afford to lose the knowledge they acquired in 9 months. They need to be up to speed the first week of school when homework starts. As it is Shawna is still struggling with reading. She has problems with the sight words. I'm hoping summer school helps.

So that's it for now. I'm sure you enjoyed reading about my dull life. It is rarely much more exciting than this. Of course we did find a tick on rental dog #2 , who I only have for 24 hours so I'm not really going to talk about it today. Although it is a great story and one I'll share sometime. Todd had to remove the wiggling tick from the dogs back after suffocating it in Vaseline. Bleck.

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