Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I hope she'll always remember

As a child I only camped a handful of times. I love that my kids get to camp multiple times a year. It's a great family activity. My oldest learned to ride her bike on a camping trip w/out training wheels.  She'll remember that forever.

On Sunday the girls and I left the house around 9:45am. It was a brisk clear morning around 50 degrees F.  A neighbor 2 doors down had a fire burning in their fireplace.  You know that smell a fireplace makes from burning wood?  I love that smell. When we camp I love that smell. 

Paula walks outside to get into the car and she stops in the driveway, tilts her head up saying "Ah, it smells like camping........it smells like camping."   

I love how she knows that smell. 

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