Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It ain't shorts weather no more

Last night I attended a school board meeting right after work. My kids attend a private school where they wear uniforms.  One of the benefits to kids when their parents attend school meetings is they get free dress the next day. That's huge to uniform kids I'm tellin ya.  So I call hubby requesting he inform the girls they get free dress tomorrow and could they please pick out their outfits tonight.  Free dress mornings can get quite hectic and I thank gawd all the time I have 2 girls in uniforms.  Oh the Drama! 

So I get home last night after they're in bed (hence the phone request) make their lunches, etc and settle in for the night.  A few couple of glasses later I hit the hay. 

Mornings comes way too damn early. 

I go into small childs room to wake her up and notice she's chosen shorts for her free dress outfit.  Um, it's been in the 30's at night and doesn't get out of the 60's during the day.  Granted, this child is impervious to the cold, but as a parent who knows only to well how the school staff and other parents will frown on my parenting skills, I must insist she choose pants. I do have a facade reputation to keep up you know

How do you think that went over?  Yeah. 

Shawna cries NO!  I want shorts! 

You can't wear shorts Shawna. It's winter time and way too cold for shorts. 

I want shorts!

I'm throwing out pants ideas and she ain't buying it. 

Then I remember I purchased some used pants in her size off ebay. I had them in the laundry room to wash before I gave them to her but we had an emergency situation here. I dismissed the fact there might be invsisible germs anything to worry about and ran downstairs to retrieve them. They're cute with flowers or shells down the leg. 

Shawna, do you want to wear these new used jeans I got you? 


Problem averted. 

Damn I'm good. 

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